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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Wonderful April review & Happy first of May!

We had the 4th warmest April since the beginning of statistical weather records in 1881 and that really shows because nature is 4 weeks ahead of her time and everything is green and lush :)

We had so many warm and sunny days with temps over 20°C/68°F

I just love my purple tulips :)

The lilcas are in bloom

and the spanish Lavender in a pot:

 Don't you also think the clematis montana rubens looks quite similar to the flowers my sister had once painted onto the pottery ball below?

The Spring flowers in the wire basket in the next photo that I planted in February are beginning to look a bit sad by now, but I do still love them:

And here comes the April view through my two rose arcs with the boxwood roundabout

It's so good to see the blue sky and the Clematis montana rubens in full bloom with the lilac tree in the background. It's one of my favorite Spring sights in the garden:

 The whole garden looks very lush and green and all trees got their foliage early and many are still in bloom. It's an especially wonderful April this year! Feels a bit like Summer in April sometimes :)

 Forget me nots are blooming in abundance in every border this April :)

The daffodils in the big border above, planted last fall came out so pretty!

Of course since this year Easter was very late on April 20th there had to be a bit of Easter decor here and there in the garden too:

We spent Easter Sunday at my sisters home in the countryside where the geese are running free in her orchard:

As you can see in the photo above Easter Sunday was the most wonderful warm and sunny day and we had the Easter "egg"(free) hunt as well as our vegan lunch and coffee and cake in the afternoon outside in the garden, which was such a treat especially compared to last year, were we still had frost at snow at Easter, although it was early in March.

Some beautiful April garden blooms close up. The purplish auricula above and the pure white bleeding heart below:

 Following are the buds of my Eden rose, I can't remember of ever before having had such big rose buds in April, so they will start blooming this week already :)

Happy first of May dear blogging friends & readers - I hope a few of you are still outside there, also my blog is still not updating in the side bars of blogs were I'm linked up with :(  - and I wish you all a wonderful & happy garden month of May! :)

xoxo~ Carola

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