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Thursday, November 28, 2013

X-mas decor pt. 1 ~ A sparkling snow border DIY ~ and the Give away winner!

 Hello and welcome back my dear blogging friends and readers on a sunny almost Winter day! I'm so glad to be back here with you today and once again I have to apology for my long blog absence. I was so busy putting all that Halloween decor away, cleaning up, renovating, crafting and then decorating for Christmas etc. etc. that the time just flew by.
To make up for it I made a little DIY for you for a dripping snow border or garland but more of that and how it looks mounted onto my mantle further down this post.

 But first let me show you a few of this years Christmas decorations like the canning jar snow globe with the soldered lid and the old Erzgebirge angel inside which I actually made last year already but don't think I shared it here so far. I put it on top of the old bird cage along with a few bottle brush trees for which I still have a huge weakness.

Of course I had to put some of my favorite star and snow flake ornaments into the panes of the old hanging room divider window again and love how the following photo turned out with the natural sun light brightening up the whites of the lace table cloth (which actually is an old bed spread) and the little white feather tree at the right side that's standing on the old sewing machine table.

I put the crystal chandelier which hung here over my dining room table elsewhere ( over the couch table) and hung this iron chandelier decorated with crystal drops and greenery etc. over the table instead, then I put that old vintage honeycomb bell inside and love how it looks together now:

 I haven't finished my Christmas decorations yet, but that being said I think I never do, I always tend to change things up again and again. As you can see I still have some pumpkins in my
 decor because I just couldn't part with them yet as they still do look so beautiful.
Coming now to my favorite part to decorate for the seasons, especially the Holidays 
~ it's the mantle of course!

I filled the old window which I still had standing inside the mantle from my Halloween decor when it was filled with black birds, with bottle brush trees instead and quite like the look. Onto the iron gate I hung icicles some of which I made from cotton batting myself a few years ago and the two beautiful glass icicles that I own. If you like to see things closer btw, well I think if you are a long time follower you know very well by now that I leave most of my photos quite large so that you can click on them, then right click and chose show graphic and then onto the little magnifier to see all the details in the original size, but in case that you are too lazy to do that which I understand because it is a bit time consuming, I tried to do close up pictures of the most part of my photos too. Still I think they always look best in their original size.

Above a close up of the little shelf which I had used as apothecary shelf in my Halloween decor and now filled with tiny buttles brush trees and a small white feather tree on top. Below a picture of the mantle when all the tea lights and some candles are lit:

Unfortunately you can't really see how the silver glittered trees, the glittered garland etc. are sparkling in the candle light and also when lit by the sunlight like below unlike you enlarge the photos.

 That thing on top of the mantle window that says "Schenke und Erfreue" ( Meaning "Give and make happy") is very old Dresden and made from pressed cardboard and then painted and glittered. I love old "Dresdener Pappe" as it is being called here in Germany and as most of you may know by now. That was a very lucky antique market find from last month.

Well now let's come to my little DIY the snow dripping and sparkling border again. Ever since I saw a picture of such a mica snow border in blogland I wanted to have one and try to make my own. I photographed all the things you'll need to make it in one picture and can assure you it's drop dead easy to make. You can see the necessary steps from the bottom of the photo up to the top:

You just need to make yourself a template first which you can also find at google search and then print it out, cut it out and transfer it onto a piece of sturdy white cardboard in the length you want and then cut it out again carefully and paint it over with white craft glue (like Elmers for example), let the glue go everywhere especially at the edges and then quickly before the glue can dry pour mica flakes (in my case vintage ones which are called Sparkle Christmas snow and can be found on etsy) all over it, make sure to really cover all the glue. Then throw off the excess mica flakes (lay something underneath it, so that you can catch the excess snow flakes and use it again) and voila there you have your own snow dripping sparkling border :) Set aside to let dry and make more if needed and when it's completely dried you can mount it onto your shelf eges or like I did onto your mantle edge. I used white pins and just pinned it on. Now doesn't it look pretty winterey and vintagey festive? Click picture to enlarge!

  I also have another new garland hanging in front of my mantle which I love and which is made from beautifully crocheted white snowflakes.

  These gorgeous white crocheted and starched snowflakes I also bought from an etsy seller (called Sky Blue Fancy from Latvia) and then pulled them onto a wire to make them into a garland.

Another favorite in my Christmas decor is this feather tree that my daughter bought for me in Buffalo when she studied there a few years ago. I love the old silver tinsel tree topper and I decorated the tree with mostly white cotton batting ornaments some old flea finds, some new and some like the little snowmen which I created myself.

 The silver tinsel tree on top of the crate I also made a few years ago from silver pipe cleaners and I still like it. Into one of the old wooded crates I use as shelves I put the glass terrarium in which I put my tiny putz village along with some more bottle brush trees and faux snow:

 I had a small piece of the mica icicle or snow border left and mounted it onto the wooden frame of the terrarium and then enlighted the little Winter wonderland scene with a string of star lights.

At the right side of my tiny Winter wonderland is this folding table with the glass box on top and the white plate shelf on the wall over it, which I also decorated Christmassy. And having just said that, I spot a rusty bunny and a glas egg hanging there still from last Easter ha I'm blushing here I can tell you and will have to put them away when I go downstairs again lol.

 I was very lucky to find this flock of very old tiny putz sheep lately for a bargain price at one of my antique market excursions with my mum and for now it found it's place on top of the glass box.

 Along with the very old little feather tree with the original, old, tiny blown glass ornaments, another lucky antique market find from two years ago.

 I also put Christmas tree candles into the two small apothecary bottles on top of the box.

Inside of the Ikea plant terrarium which I bought last Spring, I put some old blown glass baubles and Christmas tree toppers still in their original old card boxes:

And of course I had to put out my beloved old brass trumpets again and hung them over the old french iron mirror along with some tiny wreathes and a 3D musical star of which I glittered the edges with silver glass glitter:

 Lastly I'd like to share with you this years advent candles. I found the zinc numbers lately in a shop in Worpswede and wraped them around the vanilla scenting candles which I put into a silver tray along with a mercury silver vase and some greenery:

And before I wish you a happy first Advent for this upcoming Sunday, I'd like to announce that the lucky winner of my Holiday give away from my last post is Lynn of the blog Shabby Story. Congrats dear Lynn, please email me your addy so that I can send you a little surprise parcel with a soldered Christmas ornament and a silver glass glittered ornament, both made by me.

P.S.: Please let me know when you also make a snow dripping or icicle mica border after my DIY I'd just love to see it! And in general if you have some vintage inspired white Christmas inspiration to share!

Wishing you a happy first of Advent 2013 everyone! :)

See you again soon I hope for part 2 of my Christmas decor 2013 and pictures of my frozen Boxwood Cottage garden.

xoxo~ Carola

P.S. I just found out there was a problem with my two latest blogposts not showing up on bloglovin and on other blogs links. Looks like it had something to do with my rss feed being too big over 510 k. I reduced the feed to showing only 10 posts and now it will hopefully work again *phew* I admit that I hate technical problems like this, it's just stressing me out.

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