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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Summer at Boxwood Cottage garden ~ Update June to July 2013 with London shopping tips!

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage my dear friends and readers! I uploaded the pictures to this blogpost almost 4 weeks ago and haven't got around to write a post to go along. Summer was busy here and I was eager to squezze every drop out of it, but today is a cloudy morning and my last chance to get this garden update post finished in the month of August, so here we go!

These pictures I took in the far back of my yard where we cut off all the bushes of the cherry laurel hedges last year which had grown into trees already and took too much space of my little garden and too much light and they were a lot of work also. I chose a fence instead of the bushes wich I can use to grow and hang all sorts of climbers, plants and things from it and I'm so happy with the new space that I gained and it feels so light and airy now sitting there.

To have more space that I can use to plant new flowers and decorate always is a wonderful thing to me!

I love parasols and I love to hang things so of course I also had to hang vases, lanterns and candle holders from the parasol:

Doesn't it look so summery? I took these photos during my late May/early June vacation

It was a wonderful warm day which were very rare here this May and June:

A refreshing citrus water on a garden tray that you can just stick in the soil or in any garden pot which is filled with soil and deep enough.

I moved my potting bench to this garden corner too:

I'm still thinking about what to do with the soil/floor/ground in this corner but for now I just lay a few step stones and wooden tiles I had still lying around onto the bare ground. There are also still the fat stems of the cherry laurels in the soil which I can't dig out because of there enormous and deep root system and I have no good idea how to get rid of those until right now. Here I just put a clay pot over one and another pot with a hosta on top of it.

What I really like is that I can see my garden shed again now that the huge and dense bushes of the cherry laurel are gone. Of course I'm thinking of painting the shed white and also the fence, would you do it? Looks like a lot of work to me, but I'm sure it would be worth it!

I attached a zinc shelf to the fence which cannot rust and is a real bargain at Ikea (costs only 7,50 €) and which also is very convenient and useful for some garden decorations :)

The light is really beautiful back here on a sunny Summer day and I enjoyed lot's of time back here this Summer relaxing, meeting up with my family, my garden friends and neighbors and also reading.

You almost wont believe what a dark garden corner this was before just last Summer!

Above is a wider view about this area behind my maple tree and I'll show you some more alterations I've done to this corner further down this quite long post so if you haven't got yourself comfy yet and got yourself a drink you'll better do it now before I'll go one ;-)

Here are just two shots I had to share with you of my clay garden princess and the pretty delphinium and snapdragons surrounding her. She as every reason to smile I think.

A favorite flower of mine this year again was my peony Sarah Bernhardt with her huge soft pink and filled blossums:

And also my white snow ball peony which due to very cold and nasty wet weather in June didn't last long enough though and I had to hold up there heavy wet heads:

In June my daughter and I also spend a few days in London where the weather was as nasty as here in Bremen but where at least I could enjoy some shopping and I promised you in my last post to share some of my London shopping tips with you so here we go. I finally got around to visit Jessie Chorley's beautiful, creative and inspiring J & B shop at Columbia Road which I can highly recommend to every creative soul and I bought a few of the papers and cards and tape there which she has designed as you can see in the picture below. She was in the shop herself dressed in a 50ies dress so pretty and we got to talk a bit and exchanged e-mail adresses, she was really nice. I especially loved the old fashioned way in which she wrote all things she sold in an old ledger book which she had purchased at a flea market. Her shop is filled of creativity and whimsy(ness) just the way I like it.

The clipboards and Garden Chronicles as well as the big black bird (who is my biggest black bird or crow so far and who is already looking forward to be a highlight in my Halloween decorations this year) and the pretty aqua metal seed box are from another shop though that is quite old and famous in London it's called the Liberty of London which has a rather fabulous garden and outdoor departement that I wouldn't have expected and totally loved. What a pity that I couldn't purchase most of the things I loved there because I wouldn't have got them in my suitcase and also Ryan Air has very strict rules when it comes to overweight. Very strict indeed and there is no messing with them I can tell ya, only 1 kg too much and they want your to pay 60 GB pounds for it! So unfortunately we had to leave some of our purchases that were not worth paying that much overweight in the waste bins of Standsted airport boohoooo :(

Another fabulous inspiring shop we visited while in London was Anthropologie at Regent Street which is not far away from the Liberty btw and which so far I only new from pictures seen in my US friends blogs and which didn't disappointed me either, on the contrary I was absolutely amazed by their fabulous displays and ideas and I would have loved to move the whole shop to my hometown at once!
We bought some gifts there for my sisters birthday and other than that just the 3 door knobs that you can see in the photo below, although I could have bought lot's and lot's of gorgeous things there if I have had the money and the transportation means that is lol

I like how the door knobs and seed box I purchased in London are matching so well with the aqua colored glass and bottles I had standing on my window sill already. 

When it comes to shopping vegan foods there are quite a lot of places in London beginning at one of  the Whole foods markets and ending at Inspiral if you love raw vegan food, so if you are interested in vegan food shopping or restaurant tips just let me know. Of course we had to buy lot's of yummy vegan treats that we can't get here in Bremen too. My favorite restaurant in London also within close walking distance to Anthropologie and the Liberty was Tibits though and that although it is not a vegan restaurant (yet) it's vegetarian but with lots of yummy vegan choices. It's situated in Heddon street just behind the busy Regent Street with a lovely backstreet atmosphere and very cosy and still urban chic inside and you go around a food boat with lots of great looking and scenting choices where you can load everything you love and want to try onto your plate and then you'll get your plate weight and pay for it. If something you just wanted to take got emptied up before your nose you can be sure a cook comes from behind and is filling it up again, freshly prepared. Everything I chose was delicious and also the healthy and very yummy freshly prepared juices there I can highly recommend to you!

So before we go back to the garden I just have to share this photo of our (male) cat Riley with you who is dreaming most likely of what you can see printed onto this cushion ;-)

Another shot of my peonies which were so pretty even when they started to fade:

Another flower I wont want to miss in my garden is the foxglove as well as the alliums you can spot in the background.

Foxgloves, roses and alliums in my right flower bed:

and the peonios blooming in the foreground ah what a beautiful time that was, but luckily it's likely to come back again next season :)

A close up of one of my Eden roses:

and of a new white Allium variety that I planted last autumn and unfortunately forgot how it is called:

and a little bit closer even:

Beautiful sunny garden days at Boxwood Cottage garden this Summer:

Ah I just love my little paradise and hope that it shows!

Well let's go back to my new back yard corner and see what else I put there. As I told you in my last post I brought the willow bed down from my studio into the garden and never regretted it so far. I spend many happy hours lying on my day bed here in the garden looking up into the blue sky and reading of course. I'm a summer reader because I love to read while in my garden.It is the most relaxing feeling to me. I also aquired another parasol for this corner because July finally brought us real Summer days with lots of sun.

And in missing of a garden gate or old door which I still need to find I installed a light white lacey curtain to shade me from the looks of my neighbors which seldom but sometimes go along the path behind our row house gardens which lies between my garden and my garden shed.

So what do you think about my new garden room, how I like to call it, like it?

Would you like to come and have tea here with me?

Here the golden evening sun shines right onto my lovely Annabelle hydrangea another favorite garden flower

which I would not want to miss in my Summer garden!

Just like the delphinium and snapdragons which bloomed their best in blue and red around the 4th of July, so fitting that day with their colors, right?

Oh and here again my Eden rose, in all her wonderful beauty:

And another pink favorite rose which after her 4th or so Summer season in my garden finally grows and blooms beautifully is Giardina:

Talking about beautifully blooming blossums I also have to share my new filled hollyhock variety with you that blooms in a gorgeous apricot color:

and before you fell asleep about all these flower pictures and I bore you too much with them

I'm going to close this Summer post with a close up of this frilly beauty now:

I hope to see ya again here soon probably this autumn my friends! :)

Wishing you all happy and sunny and warm late Summer days!


Leslie's Garden said...

I love the changes in your garden, Carola. It looks like such a wonderful place to spend a sunny day. Can't do that here in Georgia, USA, it's too hot and humid! I've admired your garden for years. You have such a fun way of arranging object along with your pretty flowers. Will your willow bed survive rain? So glad to see you post again. I always look for you.

lynn said...

such a charming garden space to spend time in, carola:) your trip to london sounds awesome--lucky you;) love the paper goodies and the pretty aqua bottles and doorknob! riley looks quite comfy:) cats have a way of finding the best spot to sleep in:) happy weekend!

Sandies' Patch said...

Oh Carola! What a beautiful space you've created and so comfortable with your parasols and daybed!
I think I would spend the night there too, weather permitting!
Love the peachy coloured hollyhock, I bought a Foxglove recently called'Suttons Apricot', which would look good near to it!
Your garden is delightful!
Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us and giving such inspiration too!
Sandie xxx

Nita Stacy said...

I always love visiting your garden. I'll be pinning many of these images. I'd love to have tea with you in your new garden room! It's just such a beautiful space - all of your garden is.

Deb said...

such a gorgeous garden sanctuary you have created Carola!
absolutely beautiful ♥

Asht said...

Your garden is really like a paradise
I hope mine can be like your
Thanks for all the idea
see you soon

Asht : annesophiehubert@free.fr said...

Your garden look likes paradise
I hope mine will be like yours, maybe one day
Thanks for all the idea
see you soon

Michelle said...

You do have a beautiful garden space!

Louise Elsiemayandbertha said...

You have a beautiful garden and I love what you've done in your yard area. I'm green with envy, due to my chronic fatigue I've not been able to do much in the way of gardening. Seeing yours has given me lots of ideas.
re your shed and fence, I wouldn't go with a bright white. I'd go with an off-white, a pale grey or a greyish blue. Giving you a lighter colour than the wood instead of the glare you could have with white especially when the sun hits it.
I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with your garden in the future ♡

Maureen said...

Absolutely gorgeous garden Carola! I would love to have a paradise like that!

So sad you had to leave some of your purchases behind at the London airport! Yikes!

But I think my favourite photo is of your furbaby dreaming... so adorable!

LostRoses said...

How nice to see a garden post, Carola! I've missed your stunningly charming garden photos. Just beautiful, and all the clever little touches you've added, including the willow bed. Genius! I do think you should do white as a backdrop to all your accessories. I think you're very clever to hide the roots under flower pots. Great idea! Have you thought about pea gravel for the little space where you have the tiles on the ground? Oh, and I am absolutely horrified that you had to leave some of your London purchases in the waste bin. I would have cried! Lovely post, thanks so much for sharing!

Diane said...

Your garden is always so inspirational. I would just love to walk through it and look at each little thing. And I love your new look in your garden corner and the pretty new aquas. Your trip to London sounds wonderful but so sad you had to leave some purchases behind.

My neighbors are now in your city visiting their son and his family. That's probably as close as I will get!!! I'm looking forward to your next post - in the meantime I will comb through this post and see each and every thing in your garden. Diane

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hello dearest Carola, You know that I adore your gorgeous garden very much. You have several wonderful sitting areas and YES, I'd certainly love to come over and have a tea with you there (even though I'd prefer coffee, lol). Your flowers are very beautiful and I see all my favorites. The garden tray is a pretty addition and so practical. It's great that you can see your shed after you've removed the cherry laurel. I think the shed and fence would look even better in white. It's a bit of work, I know but I'm sure it pays off.
Thank you for the wonderful garden tour. I enjoyed it very much.
What a shame you had to leave some purchases behind at London airport. The things you were able to bring back are fabulous. You must have had a lot fun shopping.
Riley looks just so cute sleeping in front of the bird pillow. He's such a cutie.
Have a great day, sweetie!
Sending big hugs,

Alexandra Eitel said...

He Süße bis ich unten war wusste ich nicht mehr was ich von oben schreiben wollte. Also deine Pfingstrosen sind ein Traum, auf deine Eden Rose bin ich echt neidisch (die fehlt mir noch) und von deinen Stockrosen hätte ich gerne ein paar Samen :D wir können ja tauschen ich habe eine gefüllte rosane Stockrose.
Ich war auch erst 2x auf dem Flohmarkt dieses Jahr .... weiss nicht mehr wohin mit dem Zeug.
Ich wünsche dir was
liebe Grüße Alexandra

kandeland said...

gorgeous, gorgeous!! love all the blue accents. just perfect! xo natalea

Ivy and Elephants said...

Such a lovely post, Carola! I love when you share shots of your gorgeous gardens and outdoor space, beautiful.
Glad you got to travel and shop!
Those door knobs are just fabulous!
You displayed them simply, but so very pretty. I know you are gearing up for fall and Halloween, .... I can't wait, you always have the most beautiful decor!
Big hugs,

Isisjem said...

Gorgeous pictures and what a relaxing area you've created. Oh and I wonder how much good stuff can be found in the bins at Stansted! I bet the cleaners have a great time!

Ela said...

Beautiful garden, lovely decorations, cat very sweet

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Carola,

Have just discovered your beautiful blog, via Julia.
Your garden and all your wonderful photographs are lovely.
Shopping in London is great, we have just returned from a trip too.
The only problem is bringing things home.

Happy week

Marci said...

Just found your blog from Vintage With Laces. Oh, your garden looks like PARADISE. I, too, love peonies, roses, delphinium, hydrangeas, hollyhocks, foxgloves, clematis, etc. I wonder if you have lilacs and violets? Your garden decorations are beautiful, also. I look forward to sseeing more.


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