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Friday, May 31, 2013

~ Happy May garden days ~

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage dear blogging friends and readers! I can't believe my long May vacation is almost over and it's back to the office and work on Monday, but before that I want to at least share some May garden pictures with you. This was an unusual cold and wet May for us here in Northern Germany but I know it was like that for most of us even in the South of Europe and in many parts of the United States. What has happened to my favorite Spring month? Well nevertheless I used every sunny moment there was outside on my little piece of earth.

On my deck I planted lot's of Spring flowers like violas/pansies and bleeding hearts at first in April and then started to plant Summer blooms in my pots in May and I'm still not finished with it. I also sowed sweet peas, cosmos, zinnias etc. in my zinc cold frame box and pots in hope of getting pretty summer flowers to bloom all Summer long, but they're all taking longer than usual to grow:

 I love to watch them grow so, don't you? The sweat peas I always leave them in the cold frame and let them climb up the trellis I put in it.

In April we still had bare trees without leaves because of the long frosty period, but came May the green literally exploded and finally every bush, rose and tree in my garden was green once again. I especially love my maple tree sitting right smack there in the middle of my back yard, blocking the view to the houses behind my garden which I think is good!

Then the sweet blue "forget me nots" started to bloom everywhere in my borders as you can see in the next photo:

And the pink tulips I planted new last autumn started to bloom in the other big border under the roses:

And it is so nice to see all the alliums and perennials grow again, after we had freed the border from weeds:

My crabapple tree got lots of buds and flowers this year, while last year there wasn't so many so I can look forward to lots of tiny red apples this autumn:

The hostas also came out beautiful again. Since I do not have enough space in my borders for these beauties I planted them in pots. This one sits on my potting bench in front of a mirror:

When the sun came out the tulips in my rose garden opened their flowers really wide:

Below is my favorite tulip called Angelique:

Of course Riley enjoyd the rare warm and sunny happy Spring garden times outside with me:

He abandoned his favorite blue chair this season and now prefers to lie on top of the blue garden table:

Our neighbors cat Tommy is never far from him, you can spot him under the table:

The next photo is a close up of my favorite little pansie the Viola cornuta:

My auricala also survived the long Winter outside and bloomed again beautifully as seen below:

A closer auricula shot:

And a macro shot, I so love this dark reddish pink color:

I found a verbena in that same color and planted it in one of my hanging baskets:

In the photo below it is wet from rain and looks like it is varnished, don't you think?

Of course I also had to take another birdseye view shot of my small garden now that finally everything is green again:

I love to see my patio and borders from above and I'm so thankful for my little paradise. Do you see in the next picture how the English rose "Constance Spry" in the white rose arc has grown all through and around it? Can you imagine how wonderful she is going to be when she opens her pretty shaped pink blossoms in June? In this rose boarder are also Heritage, Rokkoko, Abraham Darby and two big Eden roses that will all bloom very soon and I'm so looking forward to see them all bloom again:

I really like the red flat stones we put around the border last year it makes the shape pop more and is so much easier to mow around it now.

Next is a view of my patio on a sunny day here I could actually sit in my deckchair and enjoy the warm Spring sun:

And this below is the view of my garden from the back of it. All the boxwood hedges got fresh green sprouts by now and I have to cut them again soon so that they'll stay in shape:

The clematis Montana rubens below still in buds is meanwhile blooming beautifully too:

And my pure white bleeding heart also still blooms so great that I had to share another shot of it:

It's also nice to lo look right through it on to my deck as seen in the next shot:

So now tell me please how's your garden growing this season?

I'm going to leave you for today with this picture of my deck and hope to be back very soon with pictures of a belated birthday party I have had a week ago.

Until then I'm wishing y'all a very happy start of Summer in June with hopefully more sunshine for all of us!

xoxo~ Carola


Alexandra Eitel said...

Ohhh Carola sind das schöne sonnige Bilder. Wunderschön ist dein Garten!
liebe Grüße Alex

Lululiz said...

Magnificent! What a wonderful garden, so full of colour and interest. I think it would take many hours to explore it properly. Paradise on earth.

Sandies' Patch said...

Carola! I would love my garden to look just like yours plus a vegetable patch!
Angelique is my favourite tulip too! Don't get me started on roses.....love them too.
Do post some pics when your roses are in bloom please.

Thank you for sharing your garden with the bloggers!
Sandie xxx

suziqu's thread works said...

Oh Carola I love to come and visit your garden this time of year. There is always so much colour to see even with the forget-me-knots popping up everywhere just like a weed - so pretty! So many different varieties in such a small space. You always create so much beauty - looking forward to seeing your sweet peas blooming!
Enjoy the lovely weather too!

Junkchiccottage said...

What a beautiful oasis you have created. I could spend hours just basking in all the beauty out there.
So beautiful.

Isisjem said...

Beautiful - love the above shots looking down. In England March was colder than December/Jan/Feb and we've had the coldest spring for about 40 years. As a result it's only in the last week or so that trees and shrubs are greening up and normally by early June my garden would be a riot of colour. As it is flowers are only just coming out.

oldgreymare said...

Carola, it is magnificent what you have accomplished in your wee space. Each year is better than the last as your garden matures...Enjoy!

Diane said...

Your new post is just in time for fresh inspiration for my garden. The flowers are all gorgeous.

Isn't it funny how a cat will adopt a certain spot for a long time and then so easily give it up completely for another one? That always amazed me. Diane

thecreativesoulsara said...

What a lovely and beautiful garden! I am the world's biggest brown thumb...can grow nothing, basically. Actually I did have a container garden and a very small garden plot when we lived in Seattle and it did very well for the one summer!
For now, I enjoy the wildflowers that grow in the woods are our cleared yard...can't go wrong when they grow all on their own! Hope you share photos of your garden throughout the summer!

Kirby Dunton Carespodi said...

What a wonderful garden! I have a walled garden that needs a ton of work--perhaps next year I'll be brave enough to post pictures!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Your lovely garden is a happy place...a reflection of who you are and who we love to visit! Thanks so much for sharing with us! :)

Marta Pardo said...

Hi Carola!!
Me encantan las imágenes de las flores!!EL verde es un color maravilloso...y lleno de esperanza!!
Tus gatitos se lo pasan de maravilla disfrutando de los rayos del sol!!
Hugs from Girona!!


Rachel Gallagher said...

You have such a beautifully abundant garden. Thank you for sharing it with us. :-)

Sharon de Jager said...

Hello Carola, love your garden,it's beautiful beautiful and I love all the wonderful garden furniture and decor items you have which make it look just stunning! (I used to follow from my old blog bluebellsandlavender interior blog). Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos! Sharon

Ivy and Elephants said...

Carola, your garden is just breathe taking! You have so many beautiful varieties, and the blooms are magnificent. I think I love the tulips the best, or is it the pansies?! I can't make up my mind. Just gorgeous!

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

Carola, your little piece of earth is just charming. It reminds me of the secret backyard gardens we have here in the old row houses (I have always wanted to live in one) in the city. And I love your trellis...I love it all! Thank you so much for visiting. I sure hope you will return often. Best Wishes ~ Lynn

molly- See you downtown said...

It's beautiful and motivational. I didn't get far with mine this year due to all the repairs, roofing and painting to the outside of our house and was feeling blue. But feel hopeful for next year after seeing your lovely pictures. Thank you for sharing.

Debra Oliver said...

your gardens and patio are so beautiful. love all the wonderful types of flowers! and every garden needs a kitty! xo

Lena said...

I've been watching your garden grow now, for at least 6 years now, Carola, and it becomes lovelier each year. I have been contemplating adding boxwood to my garden. Yours looks wonderful, and I love the tree centered into the back of the garden. It not only hides the neighbor's house, but leads the eye forward in a very nice way.


Maureen said...

Carola, not only is your home inside a pleasure to view, but your garden is awesome! What a beautiful place you have created. I do hope none of the flooding I've been reading about is near you.

Lisa said...

Wow, wow, wow. All I can think to say. What an amazing little garden. I dream of having a path like that. And all your flowers. I love the crab apples and the bleeding hearts best. of course we'd never get those in this inferno of a state, LOL Glad I can visit it here.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

You really have a little paradise, my dear Carola. I love your flower choices and colors and your beautiful garden decorations. It must be very relaxing to sit on your patio and look at all the beauty. It's great that Riley and Tommy get along so well.
I'll keep my fingers crossed for a lovely summer, so that you can enjoy your adorable garden.

Daisy Pink Cupcake said...

Hi....I just wanted to stop by to let you know of a GIVEAWAY being hosted by Koralee from Bluebird Notes blog to help celebrate the opening of my new Etsy shop: Daisy Pink Wish.......if you have the time please stop by.....we would love to see you enter!

TiffanyJane said...

Oh WOW Carola!!!!!!!!!
How enchanting is your beautiful Garden!!!! Love the kitties that hang out together, sweets! I would love to browse and stay in your garden for days, just Beautiful like everything you do!!


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