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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring garden~ Happy White Easter~& a surpise parcel

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage on Easter Sunday morning! Since my dear daughter did all the yummy vegan backing and cocking for today I had the chance to put a new post together. I got a beautiful surprise parcel from my friend Julia of Vintage with Laces who currently lives in Albania a few days ago, but before I share all the goodness she created for me I'd like to show you this vintage inspired cone that I made for my mum's b-day which was last Wednesday.

 In used waxed paper around the whole cone and then embellished it with some of my precious paper doilies and love how it came out.

 Of course I did my best to make it pretty from all sides, above is the backside. I had fun filling it with vintage goodies like an old china doll head, old cabinet card and velvet millinery as well as one of my soldered hearts.

Something else that I'd like to share with you today are a few pictures from my early Spring garden which I took during the first week of March:

This is what I think that early Spring should look like. Horned pansies/Violas and cats alike enjoying the warmth of the sun after a long cold Winter. And blue I just love a blue Spring!

 Above is our Riley napping on his favorite blue garden chair and below our black neighbor cat Tommy who took advantage of my deckchair as soon as I left it lol

 I also took out some Easter decor, like this wire rabitt filled with marble eggs:

the rusty iron rabbits below reside outside all year round though:

And these aqua glass bells do look so springy don't you think?

I took two days off work to take full advantage of these sunny early Spring days on my patio and started cleaning of the flower beds.

I was so happy that Spring was finally here and of course was absolutely sure it was here to stay.
 Ha! I was so wrong. Little did I know during these two happy early Spring days that Winter would come back full force just 2 days later.

 This is what I woke up to the next Morning, well that was still some how okay with me for early Spring days since it melted away quickly during the day. But since then it kept snowing every second day at least and not only that, we got an icy cold east wind along with another period of strong frost which lasts for 3 weeks already now and there is still no end of it in sight. Yesterday I heard in the news that this March is the coldest March ever since 130 years here in Germany brrrrrrrrrrr

Well my dear blogging friends and readers I think we better go back into the warm cottage:

 Just two more pictures of the cone because I think it looks so pretty in front of my white glass cabinet and I also wanted to bring your attention two my cute new birdie stamp door knobs. Aren't they just too cute and springy?

Okay but now it's time to share with you the handmade goodness that came as a belated surprise parcel for my big round birthday which was two months ago. When you get a parcel from Julia you just know that you're in for a real treat because everything she creates is just perfect in my eyes. Below is an overview about all the loveliness dear Julia has sent me before I'm going to show you some close ups:

For me a beautiful parcel always starts with beautiful packaging and wrapping and Julia really is a master in doing this. I'm really smitten with the way she's making it all so personal like the parcel below with my first names initial C in the gorgeous heart with the stitched edges:

Or with the stamped and aged paper envelopes she makes:

It's all in the details like in the gorgeous round tag below:

Or in this pretty bow with old lace and an aged button on top of a fabric rosette:

I also love her stamped tags and below is another personalized gift package with small fabric stamped tag:

 of course inside of these parcels you'll find true treasures. My heart skipped a beat when I opened the large one and found this fabulous, dreamy, fabric Easter/Spring collage inside:

Isn't it a wonderful piece of artwork? I'm so happy with it! I love the image Julia has used from Karen our Graphics Fairy and also the tiny number tag she glued on the egg in the image and the springy light pastel blue border and of course all the lace and the details like the button flowers and the pretty edging. For now it found a perfect place hanging from a white wooden shutter in my parlor where I can see it and marvel over it all day.

Julia owns the most beautiful stamps and uses them so well in her creations like on the reading mark above which she has also personalized with a C at the back side.

 The sweet paris inspired lace note pad above has a great way to stay closed with an elastic rubber band which is inside the lace wrapped around topped of with a beautiful flower button.

Oh and I love this all white fabric heart in the picture above. It looks so very fresh and pretty the white really kind of shines!
Thank you su much sweet Julia for making my week in this cold long Winter which is supposed to be Spring.

If you happen to not now my friend Julia yet, hop on over to her blog and be sure you're in for lot's of eye candy and beautiful inspiring ideas: http://vintagewithlaces.blogspot.de/

Well my friends I'm going to leave you now with these last two pictures of a vignette in my parlor. For the black chalkboard egg I used a candy box which already had a cut out bunny shape and I glued a wooden bunny I had in the same size, which I glittered with silver German glass glitter before, beside of it.


See you again when real Spring has finally sprung around here. Fingers crossed that will be very soon before we all end up with a depression. Who would have thought that we'll be having a White Easter this year?


einfallsReich said...

sooooooo insprierend dein post, eine augenweide!!! die geschenke von julia sind unbeschreiblich schön!!!
ich wünsche dir in deinem sinne frohe ostertage!
alles liebe

softearthart said...

Delightful, photos, cheers Marie

Zuzu said...

Everything is so beautiful, Carola! I LOVE the cone you made - such a wonderful gift. And to be out in your garden - even if just for a short time, is pure heaven.
Wishing you & yours a Happy Easter.

Mosaic Magpie said...

Loved all the photos. What a lovely surprise the cone was! Very pretty.

oldgreymare said...

I know why we love each others gardens so much. We do think so much alike. <3
Hope your Easter is very special and the end of the cold comes soon.

Fran. said...

Oh Carola I was so excited to see your Spring garden and the beautiful pansies and the precious Riley!! AND then the pics of the SNOW!! Oh no!!! You are so right about the depressing part!! I have been so excited these last few days too with the sun!! I have been cleaning and creating more!! I love your package of gifts you got from Julia. You deserve it. And that cone is beautiful. I love the velvet flowers in it. You have such an awesome creative and decorating gift and talent. Thanks for sharing!! XOXO Love Fran.

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hello my dear Carola, I'm sure your Mom had a big smile on your face when she unwrapped the gorgeous cone. That was such a wonderful birthday gift.
Your garden looks so lovely. Hopefully you can enjoy it a bit more soon. So sweet to see Riley and Tommy relaxing on your chair.
Thank you for showing my gifts. I'm glad you liked them.
Happy Easter, sweetie!
Big hugs,

Maureen said...

It's always such a treat to see a new post of yours Carola... I pause over each and every photo with amazement. You have such a beautiful place, snow or not. We too still have a lot of snow - and on Easter Sunday it snowed twice! Spring feels so far off yet.

What wonderful gifts you received! I shall have to pop over to Vintage with Laces and see more of Julia's beautiful creations.

And what a lovely treat you made for your Mum!

Oh and of course I adore your kitty photos. Tommy is the spitting image of my Dakotah (even with the little white hairs on the chest!)

Hope the warmer weather comes both our ways very soon!

Sugar Lump Studios said...

I love the photos of your garden (with snow and without) and your gorgeous parcel from Julia. So pretty!

20 North Ora said...

Your garden looks fabulous! All of the items Julia sent are just precious. What a friend!

Love your cone. I imagine your Mom was thrilled.


Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Your gifts are delightful! So perfect for you. It's such a pleasure seeing all your beautiful things. Lovely in the snow!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

You have such a lovely garden. In France as well, spring seems to have lasted only two days and we're now back to winter. I might as well get ready to decorate for Christmas!

Lisa said...

Hi Carola,
What a great post, where to begin...
Gotta start with Julia because getting packages from either of you is a dream come true. (still getting over unwrapping my top hat)
The Easter collage is my very thing. How beautiful! Yes, she wraps everything perfectly. You don't even want to open it because it's so lovely. Everything she gave you was so thoughtfully created to please you.
Now onto the garden. I adore your cottage, inside & out. I miss having a garden myself. We've been so busy remodeling inside the outside has gone to the dogs. Thanks for the inspiration. Stay warm & hope the sun comes to stay soon.

Donna Wilkes said...

A cold rainy day here and I am stuck indoors. I took an extra long lunch break and came over to see your post. You have cheered my spirits with the wonderful vintage inspired goodies you have shown.

Lauren said...

Beautiful pansies and very handsome kitties!

Ivy and Elephants said...

What a parcel of gorgeous goodies you received! Each piece more delightful than the last!
Hoping spring gets there and stays for a while. I can't wait to play in your garden again!

Alexandra Eitel said...

Was für traumhaft schöne Bilder liebe Carola. Ich glaube wir sehenen uns alle nach dem Frühling. Zum Glück liegt bei uns kein Schnee mehr.
Den Shrine mit Hasendraht zu umlöten war eine sch.... Arbeit, ich würde es nicht nochmal machen.
Ich wünsche dir was
liebe Grüße Alexandra

Nook and Cranny said...

Everything is just lovely. I love the cone you created for your mother. I love working with paper doilies as well. What a wonderful birthday package you received from your friend. I agree, packaging is everything and your friend has gone all out, just lovely.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Hi Carola,
love the cone you made for your mom.So pretty.Dear Julia sure knows how to spoil a girl:) Enjoy your treasures.
Have a great weekend.

Cristan Lamb said...

Good Morning Carola, I too am mourning for warm, sunny temperatures. But, for now, I am going to settle for reading and ogling your beautiful blog!

Mom E. said...

I adore the sweet vintage cone you made for your Mother...it is just exquisite...your Garden looks like such fun...I htink that everywhere there were a few days of "spring" and then it was gone! Our eldest daughter lives south of Frankfurt and our Second daughter ws there visiting with her the last month and they said it was Really cold. but that did not stop them from having a great time. I really love your vingette in your parlor. The Tall bunny on the left of your picture is so sweet and cute, The conday box is adorable and your vintage items just sing to my heart! And What a LOVELY gift from Julia! I am so glad I saw your post, I have been trying to remember for weeks and sweeks who it was that posted a beautiful crocheted heart and couldn't remember of find in scouring blogs I am familiar with...It was Julia's Blog! I love that ccrocheted heart along with every single other item she gave you, Like you, I think everything she makes os gorgeous! Now I will scour HER blog and see if you listed the instructions for that crocheted heart!
Heart hugs to you! I am your newest follower!!!

Mom E. said...

And, I LOVE your soldered Hearts!

Denise at Forest Manor said...

Hi Carola,

I just discovered your pretty blog! I love the vintage cone you made for your mom; it's just charming. Your garden is so pretty and so very European. I live in the United States, and I really enjoy looking at European gardens. I've visited England and Ireland with my husband but have never been to Germany. I'd love to go someday. :) My husband's parents have been to Germany several times. We do have some German restaurants in our area, and we enjoy eating there on special occasions.

I'm visiting you for What's It Wednesday -- have a wonderful week!


Jenniffer said...

This is a lovely post- I can't believe you had so much snow so late in the season!
The cone you made your mother is absolutely beautiful. As are the fabulous gifts from your friend. :)
Much love from the U.S. to you and Germany.
-Jenniffer :)

Ivy and Elephants said...

Hi Carola,
I'd love for you to stop by and link this gorgeous post to the party. Thanks!

Art and Sand said...

First, I am sorry that spring is eluding you. So many parts of the US are still experiencing snow, but we are enjoying spring flowers every day in southern California.

Second, what a sweet gift. EVERYTHING is so sweet. I am headed over to see her blog now.

Wendy AppleApricot said...

Hi Carola, love this post full of eyecandy. You give it such a home-feeling, just wonderful. Love your gorgeous cone! I'm sure your mom was delighted with your gift. Both your spring garden and winter garden look beautiful. And you've been really spoilt with all those gorgeous gifts of dear Julia, wow.

hugs and wonderful day to you,

Belladonna said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely!


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