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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Party & Fall Garden

C'mon in if you dare!

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage dear friends and readers!
Today I'd like to show you the pictures from our little Halloween party and of course the promised Fall garden photos, but let's start with Halloween:

I had the cottage all decked out for Halloween the night before Halloween on Halloween eve and took some pictures to share with you. Unfortunately Halloween is no holiday here ( it is in some states of Germany though called "Reformation day" and the first of November lot's of German states with mostly catholics have another holiday called "All Saints" but we poor people here in Bremen got none of these holidays *sobs*) and so I had to work the whole day and therefore didn't get around to post these earlier.

The table is set and ready for our little Halloween party with my daughter, niece and nephews and friends of them. We do this together for some years now and the kids always love my decorations so of course I love to craft things for Halloween and decorate for them.

We don't like it too spooky though, but still my daughter had fun mixing some poison green....

as well as poison blue and blood red drinks for the party. Everyone tried the red and blue stuff but for some reason nobody dared to try the green frog gall drink he he. I don't know why, it's only Vanilla soy milk mixed with green Matcha tea he he ;-)

I also love to decorate my mantle for all seasons so Halloween is no exception:

The silver Dresden foil letters which I glued to the black paper cone spell "All Hallows Eve!

I also framed some spooky pictures from Karen's Graphics Fairy blog and printed out the skelletons and top hats (I'm a huge top hat lover as most of you may know by now) from Karen's DIY blog, glued them together and hung them on the felt ball garland which I made last month.

Further I cutted out a couple of bats from black cardboard and embellished some papier maché houses. The "Haunted House" in the middle is a white cardboard house with a battery light inside which I found at IKEA during my last visit there. I painted the roof with black chalkboard paint, added the silver Dresden letters as well as some polkadotted black washi tape and a black ric rac border etc.. Then I made a tiny white felt pumpkin and a ghost from a white Christmas ball glass ornament and a bit of cotton batting. The white and black card board houses have the house numbers (wooden bingo numbers) 31 and 13! Spooky isn't it ? ;-)

I was lucky to have found a couple of white glittered bottle brush trees in tiny pots in our local hardware and home improvement store called Toom and added them to the scene aka my Halloween village. The black one I had already before. I really like how the village looks at night with only the candles lit.

Before I decorated the village on top of the mantle, I had a little photo shoot with the "gentlemen treat ghosts" that I made for the kids. I used peat pots, black paint, white paint, papier maché egg boxes, little black top hats, silver pipe cleaners etc.pp to make them and had so much fun! What do you think, do you like them? Luckily the kids did! :)

Of course you can take the skelleton heads aka the egg boxes out and open them. I filled them with yummy treats for the kids. 

The white papier maché mask that you see in the next photo I found in our local craft market and just had to have it. I think it looks great over the white pumpkin, wouldn't you agree with me?


My daughter who loves to bake and cook (lucky me!) baked the ghost pumpkin cookies and I captivated them in this glass jar:

Oh and of course we had friendly ghosts and bats everywhere around the living room:

Wanna see my party guests? Here is the gang:

My nephew who is a cool teenager of couse went as Joker:

He even got the mask from his enemy batman EEK! My niece is a Vampire girl, what else ;-)

The kids had fun playing "Batman and Joker":

and I'm sure they will love to find their pictures here on my blog!:)

Here is me (sporting my white mask) with the girls:

Well now Halloween is all over again for another year, but before I start to craft and decorate for Christmas, to which I'm really looking forward too btw, I'd like to share with you some garden pictures which I took in October. Actually only less than two weeks ago we had a lovely warm and golden weekend with Summer like temperatures over +22 °C again and then suddenly last weekend the first frost came with temps under minus -4°C which was quite a shock, because I wasn't ready for it yet. I took all these photos in the week before the first frost though:

The grapevine over my living room window and around my deck was ripe and tasted very sweet. This is the view I had when looking out of my living room window over the deck into the garden:

See all the flowers still in bloom? Zooming in a bit closer for you:

If you are a regular follower/reader of my blog you may have noticed that suddenly you can see my garden tool house in the back of my garden. The one with the two round windows:

I think I told you before that we removed a lot of high cherry laurel busches last month at the end of my garden. They were growing behind the maple tree and blocking the view, but now that they are removed I'm glad that I can see my garden house again and I also gained back lot's of garden space for a better use. I have lot's of plans for that area which I hope to realize until Spring well at last until next Summer.

Here's a close up of my decorated garden tables. I love the decorative cabbage in the wooden box:

and closer:

Anual Summer flowers still bloomed beautifully too before last weekends first frost came:

A closer view over the flowers on my deck down to the garden tool house in the back of my yard:

White Dahlias and pink Snapdragons were still blooming so prettily together and attracting the bumble bees:

And also the pink Echinacea was still in bloom:

Oh well all this beauty is gone again now just one week later. Last Sunday the clock/time was changed an hour back here and now it is already dark outside when I come home from work.

One more picture I'd like to share with you is this one which I called "Nature beeswax collage":

I had such fun playing with the clarified white beeswax and found nature elements in my sisters art studio during my Fall vacation in the first week of October and coming home I gathered all the pieces and clipped them on one of my skirt hangers.

Well now since October and Halloween are past and over again

let's say bye bye to them and hello cosy winter time!

xoxo~ Carola

P.S. Geez this was a long post again, I never seem to get around doing just several short posts. Oh well but I hope you don't mind and that I'll see y'all again for a Christmassy post in November.
Until then Happy November everyone!


Diane said...

I always look forward to your posts and it doesn't matter how long they are, it just makes it very interesting. Your Halloween post is wonderful, love all your decorations and seeing your family. Halloween isn't a holiday here either, but you wouldn't know it. Adults all love to dress up in costumes (especially the women) and I doubt that a lot of weork gets done. People never grow up, we're all still children! Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Diane

Leslie's Garden said...

What a fun party you had! Everyone looked like they were having a blast. Carola, I always love your pictures of your beautiful garden. How do you keep your pots looking so beautiful for so long? I haven't had anything for two months! I love those cabbages too! Can't wait to see how you add winter/Christmas touches to your patio.

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

very enchanting und zauberhaft as always...I love to come for a visit in the beautiful seasons you display so magically for us near and far.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I adore your garden! And your Halloween decor is fabulous especially the top hats. Celebrating Halloween is so much fun. Thank you for visiting....I hope you come often to see me..~

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Good morning my dear Carola, You've done a fabulous job again decorating for Halloween. Your mantle looks just great and I love the other vignettes in your living room as well. It's not amazing that the kids loved to come by and celebrate but I can't believe that they didn't want to try that yummy frog gall, lol.
Visiting your beautiful garden is always a treat, even if it's only virtual.
It looks like you had great fun playing with the beeswax. Each piece turned out wonderful and together they make a very lovely collage.
Have a great weekend, my dear friend!
Sending big hugs,

Sandra Evertson said...

Your Halloween party looks fabulous!
And your garden... so gorgeous!

Sugar Lump Studios said...

Always love seeing your gorgeous cottage and garden. What fun to see it decorated for Halloween with your nieces and nephew too! Gorgeous as always!


Creative Wings Boutique said...

your party and garden are AMAZING...i adore it all...

Belladonna said...

Amazing decorations, both lovely and creepy!

Fran. said...

LOVE LOVE your Halloween fun Carola!!! Your house as always is amazing!! Your pictures always look like they should be in a magazine!! Thanks for sharing!! Can not wait til Christmas to see what you do!! And your garden is just as beautiful as always!! XOXO Love Fran.

June said...

Oh Carola I can see why your family looks forward to this party every year! The children look like they are having a wonderful time! I love how your decorated for the party, just sooo spooky : )

Your fall garden is gorgeous. No matter what time of the year, your garden is beautiful!
hugs from here...

Ivy and Elephants said...

Hi Carola,
What a fabulous party! The kids must really feel special that you've gone all out for them. The decorations are amazing.
Your fall garden is so beautiful, too. You are so fortunate to have the blooms and color for so long.
Can't wait to see your Christmas post, I know it will be a real treat!

bellalullo said...

Ho scoperto il tuo blog grazie alla rivista Brochante..il tuo cottage è bellissimo, le tue decorazioni stupende, mi piace tutto quel che fai, complimenti!!

Lisa said...

Absolutly goolish! Love it all. Need to pin these. Your wax collage is amazing. Want to copy that one.


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