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Sunday, March 25, 2012

From Spring & Easter decorations, silhouettes and some new soldering

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage dear blogging friends and readers! I can't believe it's already 5 weeks since my last post, the time is flying by too fast over here and Spring is always a busy time in the house and in the garden. Today I'd like to share some Spring and Easter decoration and inspiration with you.
Of couse the bunnies have to make an apperance at this time of the year. Above is my small collection of vintage candy box bunny containers and below again with some fresh Spring tulips arranged on an old silver tray:

Here you see them again but from a wider angle with more background of my parlor:

A close up of the glassbox of treasures decorated for Spring:

And another sweet bunny nesting in a white paper maché egg:

and one under a glass dome:

With the bunnies came out my vintage putz sheep like this cute pair with the red collars:

and more Spring tulips. From February on I treat myself to a bouquet of  fresh tulips every weekend until they'll start blooming in my garden pots and borders:

Soft and deep pink, purple and white are my favorite tulip colors inside and outside.

Another bunny resides under another glass cloche along with some quail eggs and an Easter flash card in the tarnishes silver bowl:

and here is another lamb between a pair of hand painted chicken eggs:

and this one stands in front of a mirror decorated with vintage Easter postcards and flash cards:

The transom room divider window is decorated with my silver glitter Happy Easter banner from my friend Madai - see how silver it still is against the Boxwood Cottage banner above it which is dark and tarnished from hanging there all year round. The big pink foil egg container is a vintage flea market find

and so are all the old Easter postcards in this garland:

My favorite piece to decorate for any season, so Easter is no exception, is my white mantle:

I'm deeply in love with my plaster bunnies made out of vintage tin chocolate molds. Two of them are made by my talented friend Anja of Matildas Design in Munich. 
This year I also had to decorate some white goose eggs with cut out black bunny silhouettes and I like them so much that I think I'll make some more, what do you think? 
In the middle is another pair of vintage putz sheep this time with blue collars:

I always find it more fun having a pair of each kind wether it's candle sticks, or flower pots, or eggs, or bunnies, birdies and sheep so you can decorate them parallel to each other like I did here on the mantle.

Close ups of my silhouette goose eggs left and right on the mantle

Talking about silhouettes I also rearranged my collection of black framed vintage cut out silhouettes (German Scherenschnitte) in my old transom door lately,

since I got send that pretty round silhouette picture with the beautiful domed glass, hanging in the middle, from my flickr friend Sue and because it had no frame I framed it in silver solder scallops. I find it very springy looking with the girls in dresses picking flowers from the meadow:

I also soldered a whole bunch of springy double bubble charms:

Since I'm not sure if I'll get around to post again before Easter ( the garden is calling me you kow and we have my mom's birthday coming up and a big family reunion which I organised on Easter Saturday) I'd like to wish you all very happy Easter days with my last picture for today:

 The weather is beautifully sunny here lately and my next April post will be a Spring garden themed one that's for sure! I hope you all have warm Spring weather to enjoy too!

xoxo~ Carola

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Cape Cod Washashore said...

Hello dear Carola! What beautiful photos of your Spring & Easter decorated home! Your silhouettes are gorgeous, and I love all of your bunnies! We had some very springlike weather last week (in fact, more like summer) and all our flowers started blooming one month early -- I think we're going to have a long growing season this year. I can't wait for more of my bulbs to open next. I've had your wonderful paper scrap Easter egg on display in our livingroom (the one I bought from your etsy shop years ago). ;) I've been so busy I haven't pulled out my box of Easter bunnies and eggs to decorate with yet. :O Have a wonderful week! -Louise xo

Deb said...

Hello Carola
How gorgeous does your home look!
Wonderful collection of Bunnies & sheep {love them}! And your soldered bubble charms are stunning.
Have a wonderful family reunion & Blessed Easter ♥

Zuzu said...

It is always such a treat to visit you, your blog, and to peek into your gorgeous home. Sigh. So inspiring!!!
I also LOVE your double bubble charms. :)
Wishing you and yours a wonderful Easter, Carola!

Diane said...

Thank you for sharing all of your pretty Easter treasures. I love the way you decorate and your colors. Have a wonderful Happy Easter yourself Carola.

Naturegirl said...

Carola! Oh my such pretties in your creative charming space! Oh those Easter bunnies just too darn cute!Wishes for a "Hoppy Easter"!
hugs Anna

Sabrina said...

Wow when you catch up with your posts, you really catch up — so many wonderful, inspiring photos. The cottage looks wonderful! I must say your soldering looks so clean and perfect. I am trying to learn, but mine always looks uneven and messy. I very much admire your style and technique!

Leslie's Garden said...

So glad to see you posting again! I love to see your decorations for the seasons. Love the little bunny. I always look forward to your posts about your garden, too. Spring is full-blown here.

oldgreymare said...

Happy Easter dear friend. SO happy to see you here today and wander through your lovely rooms and take in all the beautiful displays and collections.
i know you are so happy to be returning to your gardens. :D

Paula said...

Hi sweet Carola,

Your photos and home are always so gorgeous!!! I love the beautiful Easter vignettes you have created and your lovely, cheerful parlor! You decorate beautifully! I love all of your sweet bunnies and lambs! The one nesting in the paper mache' egg with the pink bow is my favourite one! The tulips are so pretty and a wonderful treat! I love your sparkly banners from dear Madai! Your mantel looks stunning and the silhouettes are so pretty! Love the basket with the egg too! You did a wonderful job with the double bubble charms. Love that name! They are so pretty sweetheart! I hope your dear mom has a wonderful birthday, that your family reunion is fun and your Easter is very happy! Sending you much love dear heart! Thank you for all of the inspiration! Love you! Paula xoxox

kandeland said...

Carola, I just never tire of these wonderful peeks inside your cozy home! wishing you a happy Easter in advance! xo natalea

Amanda said...

Hi Carola! I am a new follower and so pleased to have found you! My whole pinterest feed was filled with lovely images from your blog this morning and I couldn't wait to come over for a visit! Your Easter decor is whimsical, unique and so inspiring! Thank you for sharing with us! I will be back to visit again soon!
Best Wishes and Blessings,

Jenniffer said...

As always, your decorations are so tasteful and elegant!
I am in love with your mantel and arrangement. Lovely charms you made too.
Happy Spring time!

Rachel said...

Oh what wonderful Easter decorations, I follow your Pinterest boards and I hope you don't mind but I've repinned your silhouette image, it is just so wonderful.

Wishing you a wonderful Easter
Rachel x

rachel@Acts of Life said...

Beautiful as always Carola! Love all your bunnies, the mantle looks lovely. Looking at your pics is like a special treat, always fun new things to see! Hope you have a happy Easter and a lovely spring season.

chateau chic said...

Hi Carola,
Your parlor looks fabulous. It's the kind of place I would love to spend hours gazing at all your wonderful vignettes and personal accents.
I'm a new follower and hope you'll stop by for a visit and follow back.
Mary Alice

victoriantailor said...

beautiful pictures, sweet items, especially love your parlor!

Monica said...

Hello dear Carola! I'm always in awe when I visit your cozy cottage!
Such gorgeous decorations!
Happy Easter to you too

MONICA said...


Sussi / Sussinghurst said...

Love your lambs and bunnies, found you lambs with egg carts at Pinterest, and I will try to make one myself. Thank you for the inspiration.

Diane said...

It was lovely stopping by and seeing your beautiful home with all it's fabulous decorations! Happy Easter!

June said...

I was so excited to see a post from you dear Carola!!! Everything is so beautiful! I love your home so much!!!
I also love the goose eggs that you decorated, and your mantle looks so pretty. I also LOVE your new soldered necklaces.
If I could, I would just move in with you my friend. I LOVE your house!
It would be so much fun to work in the garden with you too.
sending hugs...

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love all your bunnies and your sheep, Carola! What a pretty room, too!

visiting from Feathered Nest Friday : )

Ivy and Elephants said...

Hi Dearest Carola,
Oh so happy to hear from you and get my fix of eye candy from your gorgeous blog. It is always a treat to see your beautiful home and garden and all the wonders you create. This Easter post is no exception, you have displayed everything to perfection!
Thanks so much for sharing with us.
Big hugs,

Hayley said...

So, so many lovely things! As a lover of black/creme myself, I am drawn to your silhouettes and your clever use of them on the big goose eggs. I wonder if they're real? I don't know that I've ever seen those sold where I live! I also have a very similar pair of the muted velvet bunnies with the ribbon and tiny flower collars. They're some of my very favorites. I have a foreign exchange student from Germany in my creative writing class this quarter. He is charming and clever. I'm not sure what city he is from but he loves Berlin. His name is Ole and I second guess myself every time I try to address him. I think he is telling me to say it Oo-la so that's what I do and he's too polite to correct me if that's wrong! I've got him blogging. Happy spring to you! Your house is a real joy to look at...

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Absolutely lovely inspirations!! Sharing at the party tonight- thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!

Bluebells and Lavender said...

Hi Carola, Happy Easter and thanks for sharing such lovely images of your Easter bunnies, they are so cute! Sharon

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Dearest Carola, how lovely your spring decor is! I always love the charming vignettes you create with your many treasures!
Michelle xoxo

A tale from toadstool house said...

Hi Carola,just popped over from chanille cottage,I'm so glad I did!Your decorating is fantastic!Happy Easter,I know I'm going to enjoy reading more.lots of love juliexoxox

Debra @ Common Ground said...

Just beautiful, Carola! Your ideas and photos are always so fresh and lovely. thanks so much for linking up with Vintage Inspiration!!

Lisa said...

What a great post! I don't know where to start. I guess i'm not the only blogger to go weeks between posts. The cottage looks lovely, I always look forward to seeing the changes from season to season. I just made some silhouettes of my kids (on my blog) & thought of you the whole time! You have the best collection. The little sheep look familiar, think I have one myself:) Great plaster bunnies. I wonder if I could make some with nut molds I got from Marie. That would be neat for fall. Hope your weather is nice. It's hot here.

luci wallis said...

What a great blog..so glad I found you. Thanks for the inspiration.

Squirrelhaus said...

I just found your blog site and started following it...I love it!!! I am from Munich, but live in Alaska. I am fluent in German, but since I have lived in Alaska it's easier to write in English, so your blog is perfect for me! I love how you decorated your mantel, it's so beautiful. I'm so excited to have found you...I will visit often!!
Chris :o)

Wendy said...

Dear Carola, what a beautiful blog you have. I was searching for pictures of lace hearts as inspiration for my own project and came across your blog. I'm very sure I'll be back often to see all the delights you share with us. Happy day to you, Wendy

Fort lapin said...

Hello Carola

Nice pictures!!

Have a lovely day

love from holland

Linda said...

Hello from the USA I have your cardboard glass eyes bunnies. They belonged to my Dad. They were his as a child and they about 80 plus years old. How new are your bunnies with the glass eyes. The ones standing up?

Linda said...

I went back to your blog after I commented. I have the candybox bunnies, and I have some chicks made of the same matter. I call it cardboard, what is the material called? On the bottom it says Germany on the eggs, bunnies, and chicks. USA

Boxwood Cottage said...

Linda we call it paper maché not cardboard. How great that you herited such treasures from your family! I have one around 90 years old, one around 60 years old and my newest is only 22 years old.

Boxwood Cottage said...

The standing up ones are the oldest. They were made in Thuringia Germany by the company Richard Mahr and he calls them Marolin bunnies. The company is still making paper maché figurines for far over 100 years now

Lovey said...

Wow do share how you did the charms...awesome!

Prasad Kumar said...

Hello, I just want you to know that those decorations are soo AWESOME and AMAZING! I love those eggs and decorating ideas. I'd love to share this to my Easter 2014 pinterest board. Hope you don't mind.



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