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Sunday, January 01, 2012

A sparkling new year!

Boxwood Cottage's new years tree by Boxwoodcottage

Looks like Blogger wont let me upload anymore pictures dear blogging friends and readers, I tried the whole day but nothing. I had prepared lot's of sparkling pictures for a very sparkling new years post but just can't seem to upload them, So I searched for another way to upload my pictures but for now the only thing I can come up with is uploading single pictures from my flickr account like the one above, which I just uploaded over there. Not a very satisfying solution though. I never had a problem like this with blogger and I'm in my 7th year of blogging, oh well, so much for a great start into the new year grrrrrrrrr. Is that the famous 7th year itch, or what? I'd be really thankful if someone out there would have a helpful tip for me!
Happy new year 2012 my dear readers!
xoxo~ Carola


Marie Lost Bird Studio said...

Dear Carola,
have the most wonderful 2012!
Oh, Blogger always gives me trouble,lol - I'm shocked if everything goes easy.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

I have no advice or tips dear Carola but I do love your New Year's tree with the top hat! I wish a very Happy New Year to you and your family! :)

Hampton said...

Happy New Year, Carola!!!

Betsy said...

I have to go through google chrome now to sign on and for new posting..
I had problems yesterday trying to load pictures too, so I decided to go out and then come back in, which gave it a chance to reset, seemed to help. Love you blog and your nice pictures. I see you enjoy soldering and working with glass as I do.
Many Happy New Year Wishes,

rachel@Acts of Life said...

Well that is a bummer about your pics...I so love looking at your pictures they always make me smile :)
glückliches neues Jahr,

Diane said...

This is our loss Carola. I wish I could tell you what to do but I'm such a novice. I do know that the internet has been slow today, too many people probably. Looking forward to your post - hopefully soon. The very best wishes to you in the New Year. Diane

Luna und Luzie said...

A very happy and healthy new Year, dear Cousin!!!

Als ich mal keine Bilder hochladen konnte, lag es an einem falschen Fotoformat. Einfach mal nachschauen ob du vielleicht aus Versehen ein anderes Format hast. Manchmal liegt es auch an Wartungsarbeiten. Versuch es einfach morgen nochmal.

Ich wünsche dir trotzdem einen schönen Tag.
Liebe Grüße

Hillside Garden said...

Hallo Caro, ich wünsche dir ein wunderbares und creatives Jahr 2012!
Ich konnte bei dir nicht landen, die Seite baute sich bei mehreren Versuchen nicht auf. Sicher liegt das an den vielen Bildern!


Andi's English Attic said...

How frustrating. Hope you manage to sort the problems soon.

Happy New Year! xx

Jamie said...

Happy New year Sweet Carola!! Wishing you and yours the best:) Love, Jamie

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Carola - did you check how much more space you have left at picasa?
Maybe you already did, and that´s not the problem. if it is, you have to delete some of your photos over there to manage to upload more.

BECKY said...

Hi Carola! Happy New Year! A couple of years ago when I had trouble with blogger messing up my posts, I downloaded Windows Live Writer...which is a free download, and had no more problems plus more photo options!! After you check with Picasa, that would be something to check into!!

Looking forward to seeing those pretty pics!!

Happy New Year,

Carole said...

I'm so sorry we can't view more. Maybe you've run out of storage space. I think it tells you in the old upload version. For some reason it doesn't if you use new editor. If I can help let me know....not that I'm an expert:)

Happy New Year!


Hayley said...

Enjoying all your beautiful posts and wishing you a happy and prosperous 2012...

Amber Lyon Ferguson said...

Love the tree!

I am having the exact same problem out of nowhere with the Picasa thing...seems a little fishy to me that several other bloggers are having the same problems. Also, I deleted several pictures and it still says I have no more room. Did you figure out what to do without spending money>


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