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Sunday, May 01, 2011

May Day May Day

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage in the merry month of May dear blogging friends and readers!
It's high time for a garden update here I think. I'm glad you came by today, wanna come outside with me, the door is already wide open! Let's step out on my back porch, or do I better call it patio, or terrace, or deck? I must admit that I'm never sure how to call it in English, anyway it's my outside room:

My favorite spot to enjoy Spring and relax and read, all the green and blue color around me is very calming

Forget me nots are blooming everywhere right now in pots on my deck as well as in the borders, they self seeded themselves everywhere and I like that :)

My deckchair looks really weathered by now because it stands outside all year round, I'm not strong enough do bring it down in the basement in winter, but still it is the most comfortable place.

along with the bench on which I enjoy the evening sun every day after work. The vines on the trellis over the bench are just starting to leaf

but Geraniums & Pelargoniums are already in bloom and the roses in pots and borders all got buds by now

The clematis montana rubens is in full bloom on the other side of my deck, such a pretty sight every year again. I planted one at the other side too and hope it'll bloom there as well in a few years, because since my Wisteria died for unknown reasons I miss having both sides in bloom at the same time.

Lavender and other herbs and flowers are sprouting in every pot now and the cream white iron bunny is sniffing at a Heliotrope vanilla bloom. Okay let's go on:

From the deck we go three steps down into the boxwood garden where violas bloom in pots (they are my favorite early Spring flowers and they blooming since March already) and the first gorgeous high Allium balls are blooming in the borders, along with my small lilac tree and clouds of pretty forget me nots. All the blueish colors are so soothing!

My peony Sarah Bernhardt got big buds, I so can't wait for her to bloom alongside my white rose Artemis, both look splendidly healthy :)

A side view on my potting table, where I just potted two turquoise echeverias, that I had inside over the winter in two rusty urns.

Behind the fence and the potting table my old neighbors old huge lilac tree is in full bloom and scents heavenly

A look in my crowded border unter the white rose arc where it blooms from March until November

Gorgeous tulips Angelique are blooming in this border right now, so pretty and soft pink, between lot's of allium bulbs that are yet to bloom

When I turn around from here this is what I see in my other border and behind:

At the end of the border more alliums are waiting to bloom and behind the boxwood hedge my crabapple tree is blooming and my white hydrangea Annabelle has got fresh leaves, but no blooms yet, it is still too soon in the season for her.

Oh how I love seeing all the fresh green after a long and hard winter!

Here I stand behind my maple tree looking back to my deck and in the next picture I snapped a close up of my pretty ranunculus in full bloom in a pot on my deck

The birds eye view picture is from 2 weeks ago, April 11 to be exact, when the leaves on the maple tree just started to unfold, snapped out of my bedroom window. I think it shows quite well the layout of my little garden paradise

Just half of my deck can be seen in the picture above. Below is a close up of one of my garden shelves:

And a close up of my pretty pink bleeding heart, unfortunately my white one did not survive the strong winter *sniff*

Well to end this long picture filled garden post I leave you with a savory in bloom standing in the corner beside the terrace door where my zinc water container stands.

I hope you enjoyed this garden tour with me, next time it's back to my studio where I'm just rearranging a bit.

Oh and not to forget, I wanted to let you know that like so many of you I joined Pinterest a fortnight ago and got addicted immediately collecting the prettiest and most inspirational pictures from the web. You may have a look at my inspiration boards here: http://pinterest.com/boxwoodcottage/ and I also put a link to it in my right side bar. I just love pinning!!!
Until then dear friends, enyoy the merry month of May!

xoxo~ Carola


Ruth said...

Thanks for the tour through your little piece of paradise. I just love seeing your garden awaken, especially since we are in autumn here in the southern hemisphere and everything is going to sleep. I'll look forward to your posts over the next few months to brighten my days!

Sandie's Patch said...

So Beautiful! My kind of garden too.
Thos little pansies in the basket look like Mickey mouse faces!
Thank you for sharing your lovely garden!

Sandie xx

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Your garden is so beautiful and inspiring! It makes me want to run outside and work on mine. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful photos. I'm so jealous that you have this pretty spot to relax.

Crystal said...

I dream of having such lovely outdoor spaces!! Between the weather and dogs....I have a LONG way to go!!! Love the pics!!!

Cindy said...

Your garden is wonderful! There is so much to see and I will come back several times for inspiration. I love all your potted plants and the decorative pieces on your deck. Love, love love it!

Diane said...

Thanks for the post on your garden. It's absolutely the most wonderful place. I can't imagine you dreaming for anything else. You're way much farther ahead than here in Wyoming. We have a heavy frost this morning and everything is at least a month behind in blooming. Have a lovely May. Diane

Tina @ TinyBear said...

Your have such a beautiful garden Carola. It´s so cosy and filled with pretty stuff. I can´t believe you have so many flowers in bloom already. Your place must be ahead of mine. We have the cold weather again.
Wishing you a wonderful week sweet friend.
XO Tina

Lorrie said...

What a sweet place your garden is, Carola. We are still enduring cold temperatures and just a few flowers are blooming. I'm longing for the sunshine.
Your garden looks like a wonderful place to read, sew, and dream.

Isisjem said...

Your garden is looking so beautiful. As for what to call your paved area I'd say it was a patio. To my mind a 'deck' is made of wood - ie decking and a 'terraced' is a raised area. It looks lovely and inviting whatever you call it!

Jenniffer said...

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely garden~ it is lush and peaceful and such a work of art!
Happy May to you~

Lis said...

Ach war das wieder ein Vergnügen durch deinen kleinen aber feinen Garten zu wandeln. Mann weiss auch gar nicht wo man zuerst hinschauen soll, alles ist mit so viel Liebe arrangiert und ist eine wahre Augenweide.
Brüten eigentlich in deinen Vogelhäuschen auch Meisen? Unsere Häuschen sind nun schon das zweite Jahr leer geblieben, keine Ahnung was denen daran nicht passt :-)

Weiterhin viel Freude am Garten

LG Lis

Kayjay said...

Such a beautiful garden, Spring has obviously come earlier to you than to Lancashire in the UK where I live, it's very inspirational to see your lovely photos. I've joined pinterest following your recommendation and can confirm it's addictive!!

NanaDiana said...

Oh Carola- I think that is one of the most beautiful private gardens I have ever seen in blogging! It is gorgeous-each picture more beautiful than the last- Thank you for sharing your beauty with us! Hugs- Diana

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello Dear Carol....
As always I have enjoyed my visit to your beautiful garden. So much to see..... I lingered long over each picture taking in all the detail. You always have a good display of alliums which I love, unfortunately I am not successful at growing them in my garden for some reason, they always get eaten by something!!!

I do agree, May is the most glorious month of all seasons. Enjoy....

Love - Marion - Wales UK.

ornella said...

Mi piace il tuo giardino è così vario e pieno di vita.Si nota l'amore e la cura .Un saluto da Ornella

Norsia said...

Hi Carola :)
This must be paradise!what a great garden!I live in North of Norway-it`s still cold outside and we still have snow in the mountains!I have just started to "clean up" my garden for the summer but there`s no need to hurry..the flowers would die if I planted them now :(
My favorite flower is "forget me nots" and bluebell`s.
I wish you a nice day and I`ll stop by some other day to see how the work is going in your garden

Kjersti Nathalie
Bodø-North of Norway

Lululiz said...

I think I could spend many happy hours in your garden, it is such a beautiful place.

Naturegirl said...

My dearest Carola! So much green and color in your May garden! Your season so way ahead of my world. You have so many garden delights.Here the trees are just now budding out.
So much to see and enjoy in your garden.. a delight to my senses! Where do I begin! The Angelique tulips.. that last photo..stunning! I would frame that one for sure!The alliums..how tall already ..Carola you lift my spirit each time I vist!
Wishing you a Happy Mother's day! hugs

She'sSewPretty said...

Your garden is really a paradise. You are such an inspirational gardener!!

Karla Laura said...

Your garden and flowers are beautiful. Oh I did hope that one day I will have a garden again. I will enjoy yours until then and I do see a spot I'd like to sit and chat with you for a bit.

Thanks for the tour.



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