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Sunday, January 02, 2011

~*~*~ Happy New Year ~*~*~ and a white holiday recap!

Dear blogging friends and readers here's wishing you and your families good luck and good health and lot's of happy moments to enjoy in the new year 2011!

The last weeks were quite hard for our family here with my mom getting diagnosed with Leukemia (CLL) and we all hope for better times to come again in the new year! So personally my biggest wish and hope for the new year is that my dear mama will feel better again soon!

The last 10 days since I was off work for the holidays we did a lot of cocooning over here

Poor Riley had kind of a hard time too because with all the wet snow and the freezing cold outside he was housebound and very bored.

 and we really had a lot of snow in December, more then ever since I can remember here in Bremen.
This was the view out of my front door one very cold December morning:

 The beauty of snowy and/or frosty branches of trees and bushes never fails to amaze me:

Seeing that I had a deep need for relaxation after a very stressful pre Christmas time, I kept indoors most of the time and got busy crafting Winter decorations and Christmas ornaments:

  while we got more and more snow outside every day we came near to Christmas day

The snow inspired me to create snowman ornaments, like this snowman mitten for my mom:

And I made lot's of these little spun cotton snowmen that I glued on Christmas tree candle holders so that you can easily attach them everywhere you'd like to. I put them on my sisters Christmas presents too.

I also started to make old script baubles from blue glass ornaments that I did not like anymore:

Then I was on a roll and glittered more of the paper maché balls that I had painted white before and embellished them with green and red millinery:

I think they really do look like snow balls

and outside it snowed and snowed with no end in sight so we were definitely in for a White Christmas this season which was a real treat and so festive!

Some of the balls and pinecones I painted and glittered hanging on my crystal chandelier to dry:

And while I was at it I also painted and glittered wooden fir trees that I had found in our local arts and craft store and I made some more spun cotton snowmen that can stand this time.

And of course one should never forget to feed the garden birdies while there is so much snow outside!

I took this photo through my kitchen window and the next one too. I always had cosy candle lights burning in the cottage.

Then I tried something that I wanted to try out for a long time and that is making vintage inspired spun cotton icicles, so fun, I just tried it the way I thought it would possibly work, with no tutorial at hand, and was quite thrilled about the outcome:

They look great on the tree and are glistening beautifully in the candle light, meanwhile I made some more for next season already, although I think they belong to the more Winter than Christmas related decorations that can still stay out for at least over the month of January if not February too.

So this is my Christmas tree of 2010 only lit by the deep standing Winter sun in these photos

My flickr friend Marcie pointed out that in the photo above it would look as if the tophat is magically floating over the tree

I think that with the old tophat as the tree topper and the vintage black baby boots underneath the tree it looks as if the tree would start nodding his head and kicking his feet and dancing every moment. Can you follow my imagination or am I the only one seeing it?

Oh and I shall not forget that there was my dear friend Anita's birthday a few days before Christmas and I sent her a parcel with the decorated vintage enamel soap and brush tray above. Anita the sweet heart that she is sent me a Christmas parcel before she left for her annual Christmas vacation far away in the warm sun.
She made me the wonderful bolster cushion out of vintage linen and lace and hand stamped with a french lily and also the enchanting banner made from old postcards printed on fabric:

The next photo I took on Christmas day with all the wonderful gifts my dear family had showered me with put on my round dining room table:

Thankfully my daughter Roxanne made it home from her semester abroad in Buffalo NYS USA on December 23rd and she brought with her the most beautiful Christmas presents for the whole family (in the closest circle with my parents and two sisters, their husbands and kids we are 11 persons). She spoiled us all and my mom and me even got a feather tree something we were both dreaming of for a long time! My parents spoiled me too with some wonderful antiques like another old golden trumpet, a beautiful oval cream colored frame and print and a white vintage ironstone pudding pan

and another big surprise for me was the wonderful old tinsel star my mom found for me (before she got ill) knowing just how much I love old tinsel:

I uploaded some more pictures of the Christmas tree and my Christmas presents etc.pp over at flickr if you are interested in seeing them you can just hop over here.

We had a beautiful family Christmas all together, one that I'm very thankful for and which I will never forget.
I hope your's was wonderful too!!

Now let's see what challenges are lying before us in the new year and let's hope for a good one!

xoxo~ Carola


Anonymous said...

Liebe Carola,

nun lasse ich auch endlich mal einen Kommentar hier, denn ich schaue nach wie vor regelmäßig in Deinen Blog, vor allem wegen der tollen Bilder aus Deinem Garten, aber auch, weil Du so viel Freude am Schönen hast und alles so liebevoll dekorierst.

Es tut mir sehr leid, dass Deine Mutter eine solche Diagnose erhalten hat und wünsche Euch deshalb allen viel Kraft, damit 2011 wirklich ein gutes neues Jahr wird.

Alles Liebe,
skabi (aus dem MSG-Forum)

Xela said...

Carola ich wünsche dir und deiner Familie auch ein gutes neues Jahr und für deine Mutter viel Glück damit sie wieder gesund wird.
Ich kann mich auch nicht erinnern,dass wir mal soviel Schnee hatten an Weihnachten :)
liebe Grüße Alexandra

stregata said...

Wünsche Dir ein gutes Neues Jahr und alles Gute für Deine Mutter.
Die Eiszapfen sind ja wirklich toll geworden.

Jem said...

Carola - having lost my best friend to Leukaemia in 2007 I felt my heart tug at news of your Mother's diagnosis. I hope very much that 2011 is full of strength and positivity for your Mother and all of your family.

Your photos are stunning and I simply love the unusual shape of your Christmas tree, your cat is beautiful :-)

Sending very best wishes,

Jem xXx

Tina @ TinyBear said...

Dear Carola
I´m so sorry to hear about your mother. Sending lots of hugs and thoughts and prayers your way, and hope she well recover and get better soon.
I hope you had a lovely Christmas sweet friend and a wishing you a Very Happy New Year. I hope all your wishes will come true in the new year and that it will be an amazing year for you.
Big hugs

Cape Cod Rambling Rose said...

Dear Carola, I send to you all my love and prayers for your Mom and your family!!! I am glad you had a lovely family Christmas, and that your daughter made it home from NY (right before we had all that snow in the Northeast and all airports were closed)! Your home is just beautiful, with all its holiday sparkle. Happy New Year! xo

Anonymous said...

For the new year, I also wish for your mother's health. My heart goes out to her and your. Take care, Ardith

Vintage French Hen said...

Dearest Carola, I am a huge fan your your creativity, and follow you as often as possible. I read your last posting where you said that your family was hit by a tragedy. Hearing of your mother's diagnosis is so sad! I pray for your family and that your mother is comfortable and that God helps you all to get through this unexpected challenge in your lives. Stay strong, Marcia in California

RACHELLE said...




MommaHen said...

you have a great space! Love all the white

NanaDiana said...

Carola- I follow from the Midwest of the USA. My brother and I grew up close to Buffalo,NY and spent time there as young adults. I love your blog. I am so sorry to hear about your Mother. My hubby's mother had leukemia and she lived with it for many years...7 and would have lived much longer..but she had TB (which no one was even aware of) and that is what finally ended her life. There are so many miracles out here today with treatments. I am saying a prayer for you Mom! Hugs- Diana

Theresa said...

Dear Carola, I am so sorry to hear of your mothers diagnosis, my mother in law has had CLL for many years now. She has been treatment with it for the last couple of years and all in all is doing very well. I hope your mom is feeling well and can overcome the trials from it. I am sending warm thoughts and prayers your way.
Your home looks beautiful as always, I am envious of the amount of snow you have! I figure if it has to be cold than I want to have snow to look at too! It looks like you had a beautiful Christmas, and recieved some lovely presents. I hope 2011 holds wonderful blessings for you and yours...Theresa xoxo

Brenda Kula said...

You have such a beautiful home and blog! And you're so creative. I'm just marveling here. Sorry about your mom. Hope things turn out okay for her.

Scrappy Jessi said...

Hey sweets,
beautiful pics.
Happy New Year!!!

Sandy Michelle said...

I love the icicles you made for the tree and how you placed the hat up top. Your new feather tree is fabulous too. Too bad I couldn't meet with your Daughter in New York! Thanks fot he birthday wishes and all the best to you and your mom this year!! Sandy xox

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Dear Carol.... It is always a joy to visit you and linger over your wonderful pictures which are packed with such a fascinating collection of objet d’art.

I am sorry to read that your Mother is ill and I wish her a speedy recovery. May 2011 be enriched with many blessings for both you and your family Carol.
Marion - Wales UK

Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

As always, yours photos are beautiful Carola. Best wishes for your Mom. I always find snow photos so serene. Wishing you all the best in 2011.

oldgreymare said...

Hey there girlfriend!

i cannot believe how lovely all the holiday decor is at your cottage, It took me several times scrolling up and down to take it all in. You do amazing work. The spun cotton items are fantastic.

Was so glad both are wayfaring kids survived the winter of 2010 in New York and eventually made it home.

Next fall my DD will be either in London or Prague! YIKES - tough on mama....

My continued prayers for your Mom and your family as you all learn to manage and deal with a chronic illness. The love you all share will see you through.


Andi's English Attic said...

So sorry to read the news about your mum. I hope things go smoothly and she recovers quickly.
Beautiful photos. I especially like your oval frame.
Best wishes for 2011. xx

Diane said...

I read your posts very slowly, going over the beautiful pictures of your home. I'm so sorry about your mother. I hope she can manage to beat that stuff. I pray for you, your family and her. Diane

stadtgarten said...

Liebe Carola, wie immer ist es natürlich auch an Weihnachten wunderschön bei Dir dekoriert!
Ich wünsche Dir und Deiner Familie ein gutes und glückliches Jahr 2011und hoffe, dass es diern Mutter bald wieder viel besser geht!
Liebe Grüße, Monika

Paula said...

Hello sweet Carola! I am always happy to see a post from Boxwood Cottage! I am continually praying for your dear Mom and that she will be well and gain strength! I am very sorry she is sick, it breaks my heart, and I can imagine the worry you feel for her! You are all in my prayers dear friend! I love your gorgeous New Year and Christmas decorations! You are so inspiring! It was wonderful to see all of your beautiful photos and read your sweet words! I am happy your dear daughter was able to make it home to spend Christmas with you! How sweet of her to bring so many special gifts! I am glad you and your mom got a feather tree! I love all of your sweet and beautiful creations! You are very talented!!! Your home is beautiful, cozy and warm, and your garden is a beautiful winter wonderland! Poor Riley! But, he certainly looks happy and very handsome! The little birdie is sweet and I know they were grateful for the food you provided for them. I agree with sweet Marcie, the top hat looks like it is floating over your pretty tree, and yes, I can see that the tree looks as if it will start nodding its head and kicking his feet and dancing! Love that!!! I know Anita loved her gift and I love the gifts she sent you! She is so thoughtful, kind and talented! I love all of your wonderful gifts and I am so happy that your Christmas with your family was beautiful! Praying this New Year is filled with lots of good things for you and your dear ones and that your mom will be healthy and happy!!! Much love to you, Paula

Lorrie said...

Wow, what a lot of snow. It adds a bit of magic to the landscape, doesn't it?

I'm sorry about your mother's illness and pray that you all will have strength for the days ahead and that her cancer will respond well to treatment.

Angela said...

It's all so beautiful!! and I love your dancing Christmas tree!

jenn said...

Dear Carola, I'm so sorry about your mother's illness and pray for her speedy recovery. I also love all your beautiful photos of the winter snow and Christmas inside your lovely home. God bless you and your family.

Twinkle Pink said...

Happy New year Carol, long time no speak .. I am sorry that your mum is so ill, my mother is a little poorly too, it is always a worrying time and my thoughts are with you.

I had your beautiful soldering ornaments out for christmas and they are always a pleasure to look at and remind me of all the beauty that i have found on blog over the last few years and have my spring one out already... I am urging spring to come into my life a little quicker this year :-)

I have neglected blog and flickr so much this year I am not sure what your latest creations are, do you still solder ? ....

Anyway all my best wishes to you and your family especially for your mum for 2011.

Ginny xx ( in England)

The Rustic Victorian said...

Hello Carola,
I am sorry to hear of your Mothers illness, with the Grace of God she will beat it. My Mom did...she also beat a brain tumor. It left her using a walker, but she has a positive attitude at 80...and a deep faith. I will pray for your Mother, you, and your family during this difficult challenge.
I loose track of my flickr friends blogs, I seem to spend more time on flickr these days. I will subscribe as not to miss your special creative magic, and news of your Mothers healing.
Southern Hugs. Expect Miracles.
A hug for Riley too.

JoAnn S. said...

carola, everything looks fabulous!!! I love the way you decorate your home.

prayers for your mom too.

hugs JoAnn

Sandy Mastroni said...

absolutely wonderful beautiful Christmas photos
I love your tree with the floating top hat and shoes ...
the dancing tree
God bless you and your family

Rebecca said...

So Sorry to hear of your mother's fight against such a disease... we will pray and send good thoughts to you now and over this new year.
Your pictures of Christmas are stunning and I can't believe all that snow! It is beautiful but hard to manage. All your beautiful creations look so lovely, I need to go through them again.
Many Blessings

Merci-Notes said...

Dear Carola,
I am keeping your Mom in my prayers. Your photos are so gorgeous that your mom could look at them to keep her mind on beauty when she gets her treatment! I hope that everything goes smoothly for her and she recovers... I worry about my mom with her challenges.
Your Daughter did not escape from the snow! Best wishes on her next semester!

xo, Mary

Sunny simple life said...

What an absolutely delightful and gorgeous blog!! Glad I found you.

Evi said...

Dear Carola,
every picture is wonderful and inspiring. I love all of the things you made! By the way, your icicles came out really good. I forgot to tell you in my last e-mail.... the ones I have are made from fabric that have all these weird little tucks.
You are right, your tree is dancing.
I am keeping you and your Mom in my prayers. For the new year I wish you miracles.
Looks like you also had your share of snow...I am totally SICK of it...more is coming tonight, yuck.
Stay well and strong,

Gilda said...

Hello! My name is Gilda, I discovered your wonderful blog by accident, I find it delicious. congratulations for your beautiful home. I'm sorry my bad English. Bye Gilda

paperbird said...

i'm sorry to hear about your mom carola. sweet blessings to her.

you home and garden are beautiful as ever- i love the snow images of your garden- a beautiful winter wonderland!

La cachette... said...

very beautiful!nathalie

Naturegirl said...

Carola wishes for your mother to regain her health and get stronger each day.
As always your home and garden are magical I wish you a happy heart today and always! xo

Elizabeth Maxson - Creative Entrepreneur said...


Just stopping by and catching up on visits! What a wonderful winter wonderland you have inside and outside! I hope the new year is off to a good start and thank you for sharing such beautiful photography. Always a joy!


Diane said...

I'm missing your beautiful posts. Hope you have time to check in soom. Blessings, Diane


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