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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Vintage black Friday and a garden update!

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage dear readers and blogging friends! Today I participate in The French Cupboards Vintage black Friday and with the photo of the old window above also in Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special Link Party - see sidebar buttons! So yesterday I shot pictures of the window and Vintage black around my living room.
I have a love for Vintage black silhouettes and got some beautiful ones in friendship swaps from Ann, Cerri and Tina this year and have them all decorated in my old rusty barn window. And although the black enamel sign isn't old I think it has a vintage feel as well.

My old black metal paraffin stove gives a great contrast to my white wooden faux mantle.

I bought thís cute pair of black vintage leather baby boots at an Antique market last January and have them decorated in a wire basket standing on an old black wood and glass tray with silver handles.

My old Adler sewing machine is another vintage black item in my living room. I'm always debating with me weather I shall paint it white or leave it like it is? I just can't decide *sigh* What do you think?

I like the reflection in my new white mirror, well yes I admit this is the contrary of Vintage black, but this is just what I like the contrast between Black and White.

The old metal box on which I have decorated the white bird cage and rusty items was once black but is now rather rusty.

I got a bunch of these gorgeous old enamel signs with black numbers recently from my friend Nicole over at Small Treasures and put some in my old white enamel candle stick holder. Thank you so much dear Nicky for sharing them so generously with me!
You can also find them in Nicoles Dawanda shop here: http://de.dawanda.com/product/10183810--Emaillezahlen-shabby-3-Stk-

Time always seems to slip away from me, maybe this is the reason why I have such a thing for old clocks, pocket watches and clock faces and watch faces in general? Did you spot my new old silver alarm clock in the first picture of this post?

My sister brought me the blackboard garden labels from a recent trip to England as a gift for watching over her country cottage and garden and tending her geese and cats this week ( I also got a goat milk soap a black wire soap holder and an English Country Living :)). They are the perfect item for a garden lover and I already used them to mark the plants in my zinc nursery.

So this is the best transition to go from the cottage outside into the garden, will you be so nice to follow me?

It's all very late this year because of the unsual long and strong Winter we experienced but finally it's coming along. I planted summer flowers and herbs in pots on one of my french iron garden tables on my deck:

I always move plants and pots and decorations around in my garden as well as in my cottage so nothing stays excactly the same for very long.

Riley always steels my comfy reading places weather it's on the bank or in the deck chair lol

I have a real passion for zinc items old or new in my garden.

And think it makes a great impact to put a lot of zinc garden items in one space:

I sowed summer flowers on May 2nd and they are now ready to get planted in bigger pots, especially the cosmos has grown very quickly and is already overgrown the other seedlings.

I´t's all very green in the garden and I'm now impatiently waiting for my roses and peonies to bloom. Last year they started blooming mid May and this year 3 weeks later they are still in buds.

At least the Alliums and Lupines and blue Geraniums have started to bloom now around my new white rose arc, which we set up in marc this year because the old one was broken down by strong winds. This one will conquer the winds I'm sure because it is attached to the ground with concrete, as well as my other rusty rose arc vice versa, which we set up last autumn. I so can't wait to see them both covered in roses!

Allium Globemaster and Gladiator are the bigger Allium varieties which still bloom after the early Purple sensations Alliums have already faded. Their purple heads are getting bigger every day now while all there hundreds of star like little blooms are enfolding.

Most of my clematis have not survived last Winter so I planted some new varieties which are more hardy like this one called "General Sikorski":

My pink Clematis "Josephine" is one of the strong survivers :)

The white snow ball " Virburnum opolus roseum" is blooming beautifully now and is lightening up a rather dark corner of my garden.

I already planted summer blooms in all my hanging baskets:

The picture of the view over my willow fence I took 10 days ago before I went to my sisters cottage and the Lilacs and Clematis montana in this picture have already faded by now because we have enjoyed a very sunny and warm week so far.

Well that should be enough for now from my garden, I'll show you more garden pictures when my roses are in bloom, but I like to share with you a sweet little price I won for participating in the French cupbards 'Mad about Alice Party' last month: It's a beautiful candy cone made by a paper artist as well as a packet of cosmos seeds and a gorgeous hair band with a cameo.

Also included were these beautiful magnetic postcards that I put on my fridge door:

A big thank you to the lovely ladies from Counting your blessings and The French cupboard!

Next time I'll also like to show you some pictures of the rearranging I did last week in my living room which now has a very summery feel to it, but for today I think this post was already long enough.
Enjoy the beautiful month of June everyone!

xoxo~ Carola


Crystal said...

Wow! All your pics from the inside out are beautiful! I was content looking at all the indoor pics until the outdoors came along! I think all the flowers were my favorite!

Jill said...

Wow. A really huge WOW. Your home is beautiful and the garden divine. Every item was just lovely. Each one I thought was my favorite until I saw that zinc grouping in the garden. Oh, that was definitely my favorite!

rustandruffles said...

Hi Carola,
Your house and garden are gorgeous. So happy to find your blog!
Happy day!

TinyBear said...

I just LOVE the photos from your living room Carola - everything is so beautiful. I wish I lived like this. Love all your displays and your garden looks so cosy too.
Summer finally arrived up here too, it´s so good so finally see the sun.
Wishing you a wonderful weekend
xoxo Tina

The Tablescaper said...

Wow! That's all I can think of to say. You have an amazing home and a terrific garden. Wow!

I'm starting a new weekly meme "Summer Sundays". It's all about what summer means to YOU! Clearly you've got a lot to work with and will come up with something!I think it will be interesting to see what everyone comes up with. Hope you can join us.

- The Tablescaper

oldgreymare said...

Carola Dear,

SO glad to see you here this morning. I've missed you.

The gardens are looking so beautiful as always. What a wonderful retreat for you, your family, friends, and of course kitties, but then they are family too....

Please show us the garden as the summer changes occur. It's just so pretty.

Take care my friend


Deb said...

Such beautiful pictures. I just love all of them. I think I'd leave the sewing machine as is. I guess I love looking at old things and hate to see them redone.

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Hello Carola, your garden and home are just so divine. You have a real talent in the garden. As for the sewing machine, I'd leave it as it is. I think it's a lovely contrast to the other white pieces in your home and it is so wonderful as it is. I am pleased to see you back blogging! xx

Gail said...

Hi Carola I love everything about your post. Your silhouettes are great. The frame you have them sitting on just adds to their charm. Your sewing machine is awesome. I know it is said to not paint authentic antique pieces because they lose their value but I think it would look great painted. I enjoyed the tour of your garden. It is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Anita said...

That is a fantastic arched window. So pretty. But you garden is just gorgeous too.

Gypsy Brocante said...

ALL of your vignettes are just plain lovely ... you have such a talent for pulling it all together! ... and your garden is GORGEOUS, I'd love to spend a day relaxing ... ahhhhhhhhhh ...


A Cottage Muse said...

It has been so nice visiting with you this morning! Love all your treasures for VBF! I have a sewing machine table that I painted white and love it! Your garden is so beautiful ~ what a perfect place to putter or relax! So happy I stopped by!

Glenda said...

Wow....all I can say is Wow!!!

Rebecca said...

Wow wow wow...beautiful! Loved this long post...your outside is just wonderful, love your patio area.
The photography is just beautiful and love the new look!
Blessings to you this Sunday

laura said...

Oh wow I found you via Fifi Love all your garden treasures! Glad we connected.
xoxo laura

laura said...

Oh I just noticed my verbena Jardin crown that is featured on French Cupbard is in your picture above... I am honored!!!! xoxo Laura

Funky Junk Interiors said...

Woa.. that zinc area would totally be mine, all mine! What lovely pictures. Thanks so much for sharing on SNS!


Elizabeth said...

I just found your Blog!All I can say is beautiful. LizlovesVintage

Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

I love your willow fence! I recently spent some time making twig fence at my home in Texas...that is hard work!

I made a gate for my compost bin as well. I'm just now really getting into gardening again and am trying to use the wood from off my land instead of buying mill wood.
I'd be interested in learning how you made that fence.
I'm off to read your archives!

Paula said...

Hello sweet Carola,
What a gorgeous post, as always! I love your beautiful cottage!!! Your living room is decorated beautifully! I love all of the black and white and your pretty vignettes! You have a wonderful eye for decorating, creating and gardening! I love your stove and it is a lovely contrast to your pretty whites! The black leather shoes are so sweet! I have never seen any like that, and I love how you have them displayed. I also love your sewing machine. I have several old sewing machines and one treadle on a table similar to yours, it is a Singer. I have thought of painting it white, as I am doing more whites in my home, but I decided to live it since it is so old. I love your new white mirror and I love the reflection too! The box and birdcage are so pretty. The little birdies are sweet! I love all of your clock faces too!

Your garden is amazing! You have created a beautiful place in your cottage and in your garden! I am glad summer is finally showing itself there. I love all of your beautiful flowers and garden ornaments! I can see why Riley takes your comfy spot! I hope your roses and peonies bloom soon. I can hardly wait to see them! I enjoyed every gorgeous photo you have shared! The prize you won is fabulous! Enjoy sweet friend!

I look forward to seeing your rearranging! Enjoy June too!

Love to you, Paula

CathWren said...

Thank you for sharing some beauty, we can never have too much.

And, thank you so much for your kind remarks on the BP oil disaster. XoXoXo

Lori said...

Carol, your home and garden always look so cozy and pretty...the little black boots you found are really adorable...and your garden looks so beautiful already...i love your allium...i have always wanted to try and grow those...i think they are so whimsical and fun!!!

Angela said...

All of your things are beautiful...and your garden is spectacular!!

Les Cotrions said...

Hello Carola! I don't know where do I star! You show such a beauty in this post! I surely will forget to comment something!!!! I live silhouettes too...difficult to find here! The enamel numbers and clocks are gorgeous too! What can I say about your garden??? It's a dream!!!! I cannot image to have a so lush nature in mine! I still have to learn a lot!!!! I adore zinc stuff too...both in the garden and at home and you truly have a marvellos collection! I adore your zinc greenhouse!!! Be sure your much luckier than me with your neighbor! I'll show you some photos one day!
Enjoy the beauty you have around you!
Big hugs

paperbird said...

Your garden is stunning Carolla, we have some of the same flowers. My Clematis has still not bloomed but your s is just gorgeous.- your home and creations all so very pretty. Happy summer.

Bella said...

Hello Carola, What a wonderful garden, I so enjoyed visiting today! Very charming and full of whimsy :-)

LiLi M. said...

Hi Carola, Your garden is beautiful despite that everything is late this year. I love the fresh green of this season and now we still have a lot to look forward too.
Your house is always a feast to visit, though I would recommend you would not paint the Adles. Mmm I know, I know it is difficult sometimes. I had an antique black french cupboard. It was still in it's original paint, even with the paintbrush in my hand it kinda hurt, because the original paint was so beautiful, but I did paint it white and it suits are soom so much more. So far my advice in contradiction to my own actions hahaha!
Love the little black shoes too. Haha and I had to smile when I saw your zinc photos. The other day my husband asked me not to buy any zinc anymore as he thought we had (more than) enough! Hihihi how silly men can be...I'll show him your photos okay? There really isn't such a state as 'having enough zinc'! I hope we will have nice sunny weather soon again, as it is a bit rainy over here, though temperatures are high. Growing weather I should say! Have a great and I hope summery month of June!

Mitzi Curi said...

Carola, the pictures you have shared of your beautiful home and garden are very inspiring. Please don't paint the sewing machine white. I like some darker things mixed in with lots of lighter neutrals.

Naturegirl said...

Carola I love your decorating skills both in the home and in the garden!It surprises me that your peonies have not bloomed.Here we have peonies and roses blossoming at the same time! I have NEVER seen this before!I suppose it's the mild weathered month of May that quickly turned to summer in a matter of weeks!
I also planted the Alliums after seeing Anita's and mine are still doing as well as yours!
I am so pleased that you mention that celmatis "Josephine" is hardy because I planted her just yesterday!I love the look of your snowball virburnum! I thought at first glance it was a hydrangea!
What a wonderful collection of galvanized treasures! I also love collecting galvinized watering cans!Yes my dear friend we certainly have similar tastes in our gardens! Love love coming by for my regular visits!hugs anna xo

☼Carolina Artesanías☼ said...

hugs from Chile

Heidi said...

Carola, your garden is so lovely. I want to go take my photos of my garden off my blog now! :) But instead I will just direct my readers to your post for real inspiration!

Mia said...

Your garden is a dream, Carol! I am afraid mine does not by far compare. But I am honoured to think that you would like to come for my open garden "happening". I would love it if you did! Yo would be most welcome!

prashant said...

i think they are so whimsical and fun!!!
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Ruth said...

Your home and garden are beautiful. I'll be referring back to your garden photos for inspiration - it is winter here and I'm daydreaming of spring and the cottage garden I will one day create. Thanks for the inspiration!

June said...

Carola, you have totally blown my mind with this post. I don't even know what to say...except that I could step into your life right now and be completely content! This garden is absolutley amazing and your vitage blacks...sigh... I love every single piece you choose to live with.

Sandie's Patch said...

Hi Carola,
Found your blog via 'Verbenas nested treasures'.
Love your garden!
Have great weekend.

Best wishes,

Sandie xx

Angie said...

You have a gorgeous home and garden. Thanks for the pics of the neat black & white enamel numbers. You inspired me to search for some. Purchased some on ETSY from a seller in Germany. Check my my blog and shop I just started in recent months if you get the chance!

Caleen said...

Wow.. you have a lovely garden and beautifully decorated home with so many lovely treasures.. Love the black and white.. I love all the sweet touches.. Thank you for sharing your talent and the beauty.

Marcie said...

Hello Carola,
What a wonderful home and garden you have. Riley is very lucky. Every little detail ozzes with joy and love, your photos are really good. Enjoy!

The Tin Rabbit said...

Oh Carola...This post is just breathtaking! Your garden is GORGEOUS and all the treasures in it..oh my! Everywhere you turn is beauty! ANd I love your b&w items and the clocks and watches are wonderful! I love,love old watches too! I love visiting you as I always leave so inspired! Hope you are doing good! Love&Hugs, Ann

The Brocantess said...

You are one smart cookie! Corey says "hi". We are at her house at the moment :)

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hallo Carola, traumhaft schön sieht Dein Garten aus und überall gibt es etwas zu entdecken! Wow, Deine Zinksammlung ist ja ganz schön groß. Ich sehen, Riley hat es sich mal wieder gemütlich gemacht, aber wer kann es ihm verdenken. Wie immer hast Du auch innen sehr schön dekoriert. So ein paar schwarze Akzente machen sich wirklich sehr gut. Die Zahlentags sind super, da habe ich auch ein Faible für, ebenso wie für diese gusseisernen Dekoteile. Ich kann verstehen, dass Du darüber nachdenkst, den Nähmaschinentisch zu streichen, aber ich glaube, er würde eher an Charme verlieren. Ich finde ja, er fügt sich auch, so wie er ist, gut ins Ambiente.
Für Dich einen schönen Tag. Die Sonne strahlt hier schon :-).
Viele, liebe Grüße

Tracey said...

WOW Carola, one amazing picture after another!!!!!!!! I have a love for old windows and doors and your arched window is beautiful!! So is your gorgeous garden!!!

Hugs ~

:) T

Halo Hill said...

OHHHH, gorgeous! Love it all!


JoAnn S. said...

i am soooo jealous, love the house but the garden and flowers are spectacular!!!!! love it all, hugs JoAnn

Magdalena said...


you creative space is just wow!

i love the atmosphere!


and thanks for sharing!


Colleen said...

...HI I love how you pushed the two trunks together to make a coffee table...we moved back to Canada 51 years ago and I have that same trunk from my parents...now I am truly encouraged to use it as you have!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

I just found your lovely blog! What wonderful collections you have. I am in love with all the watering cans.
Hugs, Sherry

Jillayne said...

Your home and your garden are just spectacular! I love the black accents in your rooms - they add so much depth and character! And your garden, well - that is just stunning. I am so happy I found your blog!

kathi @ traybella said...

your zinc garden is beautiful! just found you in the guidebook...nice to 'meet' you!

somewhat quirky said...

Holy Moly! I would die of happiness if I ever found an old barn window like that! Not to mention your beautiful garden....

Beth said...

Hello! I am visiting thru Funky Junk! I love your old window, it is beautiful! Love all your photos! God Bless!

Laurel@chippingwithcharm said...

So many lovely treasures...but that first photo with the window really sucked me in over at FJI :) Laurel


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