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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Garden and studio news

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage everyone!
We had the warmest April since weather records here in Nothern Germany and the garden has changed so much during the last month. My bleeding hearts are blooming since 3 weeks and the Alliums are already in bloom as well. Normally they bloom a few weeks later.

I enjoy my Alliums so very much year and year again and can't wait for them to become bigger and bigger until they have the size of the head of a new born child.

Also the lilac I've planted in a huge pot on my deck is blooming beautifully this year and the clematis alpina at the fence to my neighbors garden too! They both are blooming in a soft pink and look so great together.

Here is a picture of my potting corner which I use a lot these days, I have already planted most of my summer blooms in hanging baskets and terracotta pots and have spread them out all over my little garden. As always you can click on all of my photos to enlarge them and see more details.

Below is the view from behind the sitting area in the shady back of my garden, under the Maple tree, in direction to the cottage. This is the best place to sit and chill when the temps get really hot.

The last week we luckily had a few rainy days after 4 sunny and dry weeks and the garden became so very green. I soon have to cut all my boxwood hedges again, which is a lot of work because I have so many of them in the front and back yard.

Well now let's change the subject from the garden to my studio. I'm never sure, what I love more, the garden or the studio but I think it depends of the weather these days. In winter it is my studio for sure.

I embellished a papier maché heart to make a gift box for the jewelry I made and soldered for my friends 15 years old daughter's confirmation yesterday.

Luckily for me and her she loved it all and wore her new jewelry right away :)

In the next photo you can see a new addition to my studio. It's an old printers drawer that my mum has used in the 70ies and 80ies. I can still remember it hanging on the wall in our living room when I was a teenager. She had it hidden in her basement ever since. I think it is a faboulus storage for all the small things in the studio. Instead of hiding them in boxes I can see them all the time now and can be sure to be inspired.

I have just started to fill it up and bring it back to life again.

Last Sunday I finally hit our outdoor flea market again. We had beautiful sunny and warm weather and I found some awesome treasures. I didn't find the things I was searching for though, like old sewing baskets filled with wooden spools and beautiful scissors and buttons, but I'm very happy with my finds all the same:

I especially love the wooden chest of drawers which I think was used by a watch maker in it's former life. I'm going to use it to store all my glasses and jewelry bit's in the studio in it.

I'm also quite fond of Vintage top hats. This one is my second now and it came in the original gorgeous Vintage box:

I further found lot's of small things like old lace pieces and cabinet cards and the Vintage chocolate box filled with small treasures:

So that's about it for this post. In my next post I'm going to share with you the may basket I made for my swap partner as well as the one I got from her and of course all the other garden and studio news.
I wish you all happy May days dear blogging friends and readers!
xoxo Carola


Anita said...

Oh, am I the first to comment? ;-)

Your garden looks wonderful, so fresh and green everywhere! Yes, my alliums have started blooming, too and I can't wait for the new ones (allium giganteum) to flower for the first time this year!

By the way, guess what I did on Saturday and Sunday? I finally cut my (most of) boxwood! It looks much better now! Hope you get yours cut soon, too!

Oh, and once again congratulation on all your flea market treasures!

Hugs, Anita

Lori said...

do you know i still can't comment here when i pop over from google reader...i have to click from my blog links to be able to do that...weird or what?

Carol, your garden is so gorgeous...truly one of the prettiest i have seen...the way your plants are mixed with the different colors and textures is amazingly beautiful!!!

i have two printer drawers in my basement waiting to have something done with them...one of them is still all filled up with type set keys...yours looks amazing...i don't think i have enough tiny treasures to do mine any justice...that is why they are still in the basement...

Wren Cottage said...

Hi Carola!!
I'm so thrilled to see your garden again this year!! I look forward to everytime :))
Everything looks magical as always!!
Love your lantern and the Belle Jardiniere sign, you always have the best garden accessories and know just how to use them, that is an art for sure!
I enjoyed the picture with the view of your garden, I would love to sit and have tea with you then go and play in the dirt with you sweet friend :) I promise I won't kill anything, lol!! I could learn soooo much from you!!
I also love your boxwood hedges so much! You have made a beautiful magical garden and I'm so glad I get to see it thru your eyes...
Enjoy the beautiful season of flowers!!
xoxoxo ~ Madai

Wren Cottage said...

Oh goodness, how could I forget?!!
Your treasures and creations!!!
Love them!!!
I'm working on getting some pic's for your group on flick'r :) thank you for the invite!!

Anonymous said...

Wow I can't believe all the growth in your garden. The potted lilac and clematis are stunning. What do you do with the lilac in the winter? Do you leave it outside? You have me wondering if I could get away with that here in our Canadian climate. Also loved the jewellery piece you made -- very lovely. Can't wait to see more pictures, keep them coming. TWT

Federica said...

Hello and thank yuo very much for stopping by Sweet as a candy!
I hope to keep in touch with you!
P.s. Your garden is absolutely fantastic! Wonderful flowers!
Hugs, Federica.

Lorrie said...

What a gorgeous garden. You are way ahead of us! We've had a very cold spring so far.
Your creations are so beautiful - I love all the bits and pieces you pull together to make something lovely.

And I have a question for you - I'm going to be in Germany/Austria for a couple of weeks in June and I would like to check out some flea markets or second hand stores and some paper stores. Can you tell me the type of store I'd be looking for?
Like, "flea market" "vintage store" "paper supplies"
I'm afraid we're going to be mostly in the tourist districts, but I'm hoping to bring back some fun things that are NOT the usual tourist stuff.

If you can help, I'd be very grateful,

paperbird said...

Carola- please just mail your self with my May Day basket because I want to hire you as my gardner!!! Oh my gosh your garden is so beautiful, truly it is. You have a magical green thumb :)

Les Cotrions said...

Ciao Carola! i'm happy to hear from you!!! May be you can't believe it but...I miss my balcony so much!!! That's why I work so hardly in the garden! But I still have lots of work to do...I don't think it can become as beautiful as yours! I've never seen such a triumph of flowers and colours!!! May be you may come here and teach me!!! All your photos are faboulous...marvellous arrangements and beautiful decorations!!!
I'm looking forward to see your May basket!!!
Have a sunny week and thenk you for sharing all your nice photos!
Big hugs

alicew said...

Your garden is beautiful!

Love all your creations and new studio treasure filled with beautiful trinkets!

The Other Side of Me said...


This post is a feast for the eyes. It is so lovely. The garden for starters is just to die for. All of your love has been poured into that Garden and it shows.

The goodies from the flea market were incredible and I love what you did with the old piece from your mom's basement.

Glad I found your blog.
See you again soon!!


Mrs. Staggs said...

There are so many lovely things here today, I don't know where to start commenting! I love your garden. It's one of the prettiest I've ever seen. We have many of the same things blooming right now. I think that is interesting, as I've never really paid attention to what gardening zone you are in. I love that little bird perched in the middle of your flowers.
Your necklace is lovely, and I envy you that wonderful chest of drawers. I've always wanted something with drawers like that, for paper.

Wishing you a beautiful day today!


Hillside Garden said...

Schöne Eindrücke aus deinem Reich! Es ist jetzt schon ein Jahr her ...


LiLi M. said...

Your garden is again a feast for the eye and nose probably because not much smells better than lilacs! I love them, you always inspire me with your garden photos, I have to see wether I have a spot left for a lilac as well. Your trinket box and bracelet are really gorgeous, I bet the new owner was fond of them. And you did some fab flea market finds! That chest of drawers is to die for as well as the top hat and its box. Well everything really. I have to letter forms in my studio and I already filled them up, I enjoy the little items every day and I too think this is way better than storing them away!

You asked me about the Marie A. package, yes that is fabric that I should have ironed but I didn't have time to do that.
Hugs LiLi

Chrisy said...

Coveting the printers shelves...and the watchmakers drawers...and your bleeding hearts are just exquisite!

Merci-Notes said...

Hi Carola!~
I love your garden!!! I would like to request a diagram of your property :) ANd then a tour according to the map :) I am thinking that you are a Graphics designer? Simple for you:)

natalea said...

Carola, a visit here always inspires me for the rest of the day! I can't wait until our weather gets a bit better and i can get in full gardening mode!
xo natalea

Deb said...

Beautiful post Carol! Your garden looks so pretty & your potting corner is a wonderful spot! I also love your printers drawer. I have one in my studio that I use to hold stamps.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Fliegenpilz-Gift(s) said...

Liebe Carola,

was für wunderschöne Sachen Du gefunden hast, da brauchst Du nicht neidisch auf meine Email-Kanne sein ;o)
Die kleine Dose mit den hübschen Schätzen.... ich liebe sie!! ♥♥♥

Liebe Grüße

The Whispering Poppies said...

What beautiful allium, Carola! I've tried to grow them with no success. =( Your treasures are wonderful. I especially LOVE that wooden chest of drawers. My MIL has one very similar ~ it belonged to my hubby's great grandfather who was a dentist in Boston. MIL uses it for jewelry parts and beads now. =)

Naturegirl said...

Carola: Nothing is so beautiful as Spring and a visit to your garden!
Your garden makes a powerful statement because of it's eye catching plantings!You have certainly created a calming relaxing enviroment
to enjoy the labors of your LoVe of gardening!!
hugs aNNa

Ellen said...

Loved your post and you've got such a beautiful garden.
All the treasures from the flea market are to good to be true !!
Hug, Ellen

rochambeau said...

Dear Carol,
Your garden is filled with wonder.
Thank you for sharing your lilacs!
You are so lucky!!!
Where we live they do not grow.
Everything here including your mothers boxes filled with your treasures are great!


Retro Cafe' Art Gallery said...

I love your printer's drawer!!! And I recognize some of those dollies!!! They look great!

Wren Cottage said...

That's it, I'm moving to Germany, right next door to you so we can play :)

oldgreymare said...

Oh, I am so sorry that I live in the desert. I want to be in your garden.

cottage in Yorkshire said...

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