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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter eggs, decorations, swaps and spring garden pictures

Fröhliche Ostern, happy Easter dear blogging friends and readers!

I made these vintage inspired foil Easter egg using a papier maché egg container. At first I covered it in foil paper and then I embellished it with paper lace, fabric lace, Dresden foil paper trims, vintage millinery etc.pp to my hearts content. I embellished the inside too with 45 years old vintage paper lace and a vintage German paper scrap. This scrap with a bunny driving the egg carriage inspired me to make my own bunny egg carriage.

Here you can see how it turned out. The Dresden bunny is the proud driver and the carriage is pulled by the sweet lamb that I got from my dear friend Madai:

My mum loved Madai's sheep so much that I had to get her one too and I also made her an egg carriage with a bunny for her b-day at the end of march.

I wrapped all the presents for my mum's birthday with my favorite papers, tags and millinery and gathered them in a vintage basket to give them to her. She loved it all :)

I further created the charm bracelet in the next photo for a private Easter swap with my blogging friend Anja from Matilda's Design in Munich:

And it was a pleasure to wrap all her swap goodies in pretty pink Easter style. Of course she got
a foil egg too!

Another thing that I created lately is a little reliquary shrine with a tiny frozen Charlotte doll:

Well I think you know me good enough by now to know that I just had to embellish the back side of the reliquary pendant too. I like that like this it looks pretty even when the pendant turns around which happens quite often when it hangs from my neck.

The garden season has fully started here in Germany. Since the beginning of April it's getting warmer every day. Here is my Easter vignette on one of my garden tables on the deck:

LV our little tomcat and I are enjoying the warmer temperatures and to see how everything is getting greener and more beautiful every day. This is my littel potting area, as always you can click on all my photos to enlarge them and see all the details:

For my last birthday I got a Camelia from my mum. It's a wonderful plant with large pink filled blossoms that are in bloom now:

After a hard spring rain shower lot's of flowers fell down and I gathered them to lay a Camelia heart on a garden table:

Another fave spring flower of mine it the filled double narcissus tazetta. Doesn't she make you thing at Vanilla ice cream with passion fruit sorbet too?

Everything is growing so fast now and coming along nicely in my big rose border. Not long from now and all my beautiful Allium bulbs and roses will be in bloom again:

LV has found his favorite spot in the garden. He loves to lay in this huge terracotta pot and I call him my little pot flower when he lays in there:

The white star magnolia is also blooming in my garden at the moment, white perfection, wouldn't you agree?

Lastly I like to show you my Auricula in bloom, I'm totally in love with her!

Well my friends, thank you so much for stopping by and visiting Boxwood Cottage and if you even take the time to leave me a little comment so that I know that you have been here, I would appreciate that so much in this busy world with new beautiful blogs popping up every day.
Have a happy Easter everyone and a beautiful spring time!
I'll be busy in the garden now Oh and I have to prepare the maybasket swap!
xoxo Carola


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