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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Paper dresses, silver solder and nature decorations

Welcome back to Boxwood Cottage dear readers and blogging friends! It was a long break again due to a very bad back and hurting shoulder, but since this weekend I feel better, thanks to less PC sessions and more gymnastics instead.

I still solder a lot, just love doing it (click on picture to enlarge and see more details). For example all the six big oval pendants hanging from my iron chandelier above which were a custom order for my talented blogging friend Ginny from http://twinklepinkpostit.blogspot.com/ you must go and see her wonderful Marie-Antoinette Round Robin book!

I love the sparkle of the silver pendant above made with silver gleem solder and pink shiny wings from Andrea's Onehundred Wishes web boutique. Here is wishing dear Andrea all the best for the upcoming birth of her second child!

Further I've got my dresses from Heather's Paper dress garland swap and have decorated them on my mantle. I was so lucky to get beautiful dresses from fellow bloggers like Cerri, Jessi Nagy and Nicole from Small Treasures. Doesn't they look great?

Now I like to show you some nature decoration like this hydrangea and ivy wreath, all freshly picked from my fall garden:

A good friend came to dinner and brought me this limb of tiny apples instead of flowers, they are so gorgeous and a simple nature decoration:

On my deck all the vine leaves are gone by now and once again I can see my decorations underneath:

Here is a close up of a garden still life - click this link: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2099/1794576866_e15a95ab51_o.jpg
to see a bigger version with more details of the next picture!

I'd be glad if this was a little inspiration for you. I'll show you more seasonal decorations in my next post. Have a great start into the new week everyone!
Hugs Carol(a) xox

P.S. Blogger wasn't really cooperating with me, so only one picture is clickable to enlarge, I never get why though.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Pictures from my fall garden

Once again I have to apology for the lack of postings to you dear readers and blogging friends, I hope you'll forgive me again! My sister has finally moved into her new house and needed me a lot as a babysitter for my niece and nephew in the moving process as well as a moving helper, also I had a lot of work in the office and tried to use every spare moment I could find to create. I have further had a very sad case of death in my family lately, my mums dear sister, my fave auntie died after she broke her leg and had to have 2 surgeries which was to much for her, so I also needed some time to spend with my mum and my close family and of course time to grieve for her.

I know that I owe you all a big garden update having not posted for so long, so here are my fave garden pictures of the last 4 weeks:

The red Admiral (Vanessa atlanta) seem to love my garden very much this season and I love to take pictures of him.

Above is a combination of Pelargonium with vanilla scenting Heliotrop on one of my patio iron tables which still looks and scents very well.
Some beautiful roses are still blooming like the English rose "Wenlock":

My fave plant in my fall garden is the redish "Sedum spectabile", blooming together with the purple Verbena bonariensis and a pink Chrysanthemum which is not yet blooming:

Some roses are still blooming in my little rose border too.
Like the gorgeous "Augusta Luise" See close up they look much better and scents so good:

Another favorite in my fall garden is the Snapdragon which literally glows in the sun:

Oh and not to forget my darling Eden rose 85 (also called "Pierre de Ronsard" in some countries) which blooms and blooms:

Another shot of the Sedum border:

The honey bees loves the Sedum too!

And the bumblebee enjoys some late blooms of the "Buddleja davidii" :

The Admiral is sipping sweet nectar from the "Verbena bonariensis" also called "Verbena Argentina":

I bought this enchanting Penstemon last month and hope to get it through the winter this year it has a very delicious purple color:

Lastly a picture of my sweet grape vine:

If again I should not get around to post for a longer period for whatever reason it may be and you are interested in my latest pictures and crafts you can always have a look in my flickr pictures (just click on the little flickr mosaic that you see in my side bar here to get there) because I upload pictures there quite regularly.
I have started to create for Christmas now seeing that we don't celebrate Halloween here in Germany and I think you can never start early enough.
Have a fabulous new week everyone and hopefully you can enjoy some golden fall days too!
Hugs Carol(a) xox
P.S.: I hope to find the time to visit all your beautiful and inspiring blogs in the next days and I also have some swaps to finally send off, please bear with me!


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