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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Studio painting & flea market trip!

Hello and welcome back to Boxwoodcottage on a sunny Wednesday everyone! I'm so glad you came by to see what's new and hope you'll let me know you were here by posting a comment!

Today I like to show you what I found at our trip to the Bremen flea market last Sunday. I wasn't to our flea market for ages because I don't really like to get up this early on a Sunday morning while having to get up early for work all week long, but after all the successful flea market trips of my blogging friends I read about the last few month I decided that this Sunday I'll make it and with the help of my daughter who told me to hurry up the whole morning we actually hit the flea market in Bremen city at exactly 10.00 am lol I know it's late but I really did my very best for a Sunday morning. It was all worth it because I came back with this vintage case full of vintage goodies, what a pleasure! :)

I found lot's of gorgeous old German photos & prints from the 19th century as well as rolls of vintage satin ribbon in pink and vintage mother of pearl buttons:

But the best part were 8 old cardboard boxes full of vintage Christmas glass baubles in different forms, sizes and colors for just 15 Euros including the vintage case! :D

I felt and still feel like having found a treasure! :D Christmas in April yippieh!

I especially love this old fashion catalogue print, don't you? Click on pictures to enlarge and see more details!

Well like I hinted to you already in my Sunday post below, on Friday we decided that our loft room with my studio is too white and boring so we went and bought some turqouise and pink color (the colors my daughter loves too!) to give it a fresher feeling. Further I've painted this little kitchen table in a shabby white last week to have another little work space in my studio:

It really is just a small new space but I love it's new fresh look & colors:

Our cat Sammy loves to have a nap on the big cushion which I've put on our other big vintage case. So she can be around and close to us while we are doing some creative work, or blogging, surfing the net or whatever.

A few of my favorite tin boxes in the studio:

Can you spot them under my big working table?

I posted pictures of my space behind the wall back in January here for those of you who haven't seen the post yet and are curious what's hidden there!

I hope you enjoyed my blog today and I'll come around to check your's now!
Laters! xox
P.S. I've noticed a lot of quiet french readers recently that I can see on my "recent visitors counter" in the sidebar of my blog and that I'd like to welcome now.
Bienvenue les blogger et lecteur francais!
Je sais lire le francais aussie et j'aimerais bien trouve vos commentaires ici et faire la connaissance de vous et lire votre blogue si vous avez un !
Merci beaucoup et j'espere a bientot! :)
Il ne sont pas des accents sur les mots francais que j'ecris ici parceque "blogger" ne les aime pas!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Blue & Pink Garden

I took a picture of our blue sky for all of you who still have no spring weather yet:

Blue is one of my fave colors in my garden too, these blue bells and white daisies are growing in my front garden:

The Aquilegia (Colombine) is growing in my mixed border at the moment:

As well as these Forget me not's:

My rosemary is als0 blooming at the moment:

And this Lavender is almost blooming:

Pink daisies (Bellis perennis) in my front garden under the window sill:

Pink is my second fave color in my garden. At the moment I'm in love with my bleeding hearts:

And my pink tulips are in full bloom now:

When they are fading my big pink Allium balls are going to bloom here:

My little lilac bush is making my patio pink along with the pink pansies:

Pink pelargonium and blue lobelias on my blue iron table:

Pink ranunculus:

I also love the pure white ranunculus right now:

We are experiencing the warmest spring ever as far as I can remember with temperatures always over 10 degrees and often up to almost 30 degrees celsius (with just one colder day yesterday, that was shocking only 8 degrees brrrr, but today we were back to 18!) and my roses already have big buds and I can't wait for them to bloom soon! My pink Wisteria is also starting to bloom now and last year it has bloomed a whole month later. The bad side of the warm weather is that it hasn't rained for weeks and the garden is very very dry. I hope for some rain now (at night please)!
I've now sold almost all the items I had in my little etsy shop thanks to you guys :D and I have a lot of new ideas, but with the good weather outside theres not much time for my little studio of which we have just painted a part in a gorgeous turqouise & pink color (pictures to follow soon)! If we are able to get up early enough tomorrow we're planning a trip to the flea market.
Happy Sunday dear blogging friends and readers and a wonderful week ahead and hopefully good spring weather for everyone of you! xox

Saturday, April 14, 2007

It feels like summer here!

You won't believe it, but we had 25 degrees celsius yesterday (that is 77 fahrenheit) and it is supposed to stay this warm for the next three days as well! Everything is growing so fast now! I took the following pictures last Sunday and will take new ones this Sunday so I can compare what a difference a week makes.

Above is my new little autumn border, but right now I love the spring color blue with the grape hyacinths! And the blue of the pansies, anemones & hyacinths in the next pictures:

The only soft yellow in my garden at the moment comes from these daffodils:

The red bleeding heart is gently open it heart shaped blooms:

More gorgeous pansies:

And I love my ranunculus in all different colors:

Pink tulips soon to bloom in full beauty:

My Auricula is opening it first blooms:

All my roses are growing so fast! Yesterday I even saw the first buds!

My Magnolia has already finished blooming now, but I loved it's pure white flowers!

Some more eye candy picture from my garden for you:

Oh I know I have to put the Easter deco away now *sigh*

Now I have to go out in the garden, potting more flowers. Have a wonderful weekend dear blogging friends and readers! xox


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