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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Of roses, fairies and hearts

Hello dear blogging friends and readers, I had plans to post again earlier but then on Thursday I suddenly fell ill with a terrible cold and a bad headache so that I had to go home from work, but today I feel on the mend so I have some new pictures to share with you!

My friend who stayed with me last weekend has got me this beautiful rose bouquet above. They still look good today after 8 days and the delightful mimosas are still smelling heavenly spring like.

Well and this is just a little corner of my home that I'd like to share, seeing how much I like to have a peek in other people homes I always think that you possibly do to:

Oh and not to forget the gorgeous pure white fairy doll, a wonderful creation of my friend Niki over @ Nostalgia at the stone house. She flew into my home last Saturday!

Try the click on picture to enlarge thing and see more details, it's worth it and I hope it works! This next picture looks so much better when you enlarge it and you can see all the gorgeous details Niki has used for the doll closer. I love her hair and the mini pompom garland and the silver flowers:

Luckily I still had a voucher for my fave shop which two friends gave me for my birthday and this charm is one of the things I've bought of it, it's not an antique piece I know, but doesn't it look like one?

Also I've got me this turquoise candle cup from the voucher, which matches so well with two of my jugs:

Further more I like to show you the 4 hearts I've created for my friend Anitas "Nostalgic Hearts Swap". They all have two sides, but I only show you one side so the other one is still a surprise for the recipients. I really do hope they look nostalgic and that the recipients will like them. I was supposed to send them out on Friday but due to my sickness I couldn't, but I'll do it tomorrow, promised!

And lastly here is a sneak peek of my spring garden, I hope that next weekend I can show you more spring pictures to bring us all in the joyful mood!

I still feel quite weak so if I don't get around to comment on your blogs as usual it is because sitting in front of the pc is still very exhausting for me at the moment, so I better go back to bed now and keep looking up my fave blogs later. I'm wishing you all a beautiful sunday and a good start into the new week! xox

Monday, February 19, 2007

Winter in my garden

Hello everybody! I'm sorry for having been away for so long, but I've had a good friend staying with me from Friday until Monday so I had no PC time. Also I had no time for new pictures, but as you can see my dear and clever daughter was so kind to spend over 3 hours changing the look of my blog on Saturday night while I was out and about with my friend. She so knows me and what I like :D I'm especially fond of the colors and curls! How do you like the new look?

On the picture above you can see some spring flowers that I got on the end of January, just when I already started to think that we would not see any real snow here this winter. Then in February the weather suddenly changed from this

to this!

See how my spring flowers on the black iron table are all covered up with the white stuff (click on picture to enlarge it)?

I so like it when my garden ornaments are covered with a thick hat of snow:

My snowy front garden:

And the view from inside out (click on picture to enlarge it):

Well it's all over and gone again by now but I thought you'd might like to see these photos too. Today I'm still off work and I'm planning on spending as much time as possible in my studio corner because for the last 5 days as much as I like my dear friend, I've so missed being creative! And next weekend I'm planning on opening the spring season in my garden if the weather will allow it! Have a great week everyone! xox

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Saint Valentine's Day

to all of you dear blogging friends and readers!

Welcome to another rosy and heartfelt post for Saint Valentine's day today on February 14th 2007!

I'd like to invite you to a Valentines tea party, take a seat and make yourself comfortable, the table is set in rosy pinks for you:

And if you would like to stay also for a Valentines dinner party tonight, you are cordially invited as well:

This is a little Valentines "Hello" from my garden for you!

Last Sunday I've got this lovely antique rose book as another late b-day gift and I thought it would also make a pretty picture for Valentine's day here on my blog:

This is another rosy heart which I've finished making last week:

Talking about hearts, the paper hearts for my dear winners are both packed and ready to send out to Wales in Great Britain and to Idaho in the USA today!

I'm wishing everyone of you a most joyful day! xox

Sunday, February 11, 2007

And the winners are!

Because so many of you lovely people have commented on my
"Love and Art of the Heart" Give away post
I've decided to draw two winners for my heart!

My daugther took the first name out of the box and I took the second one.

So with a Drumroll ta ta ta ta here they are:

Joanne of the blog http://acupofkindness.blogspot.com/
Marion of the blog

And these are your prizes a paper heart for both of you (my hearts all have two sides):


For Joanne:

Congratulations dear winners! I hope you'll enjoy your new hearts!

This drawing was a fantastic
experience for me and I had so much fun discovering many new blogs. Thank you everyone for paticipating and a big thank you again to Mrs. Arttealife Sandy for bringing this up in the first place and all the lovely bloggers of the now so called "circle of hearts" who made this to something big, beautiful and unforgettable! xox

In other news the "Lovely hearts exhibition" of "Artstream studio New Hampshire" in honor for the "Breast cancer research foundation" has opened with a Vernissage yesterday on February 10th!

You can now buy online all the "Art and Love of the Heart" of all artists that have participated and submitted over 120 pieces of art to Susan's heartfelt exhibition, among these artists you'll find some fellow bloggers like Sandy of "Art Tea Life", Cathy of "Baumcat" and Corey of "Tongue in Cheek" . You can see them all at the gallery here and buy them in Artsreams online shop here!

Now go and have a look, there are some really lovely pieces and you'd do something good buying something because half of the price is going to the very good cause! You'll find my submission on page 3, but after I saw the other artists works they really took mine to shame.

Here is what Mrs. Artstream, Susan herself wrote:

Over 100 works of art in all forms from jewelry to paintings have been placed in the shop and will be ready to ship on Feburary 12. All profits go to the cause and everything is priced at $100 or less!
Have a wonderful Valentines day and spread the love!
Susan Schwake-Larochelle

Monday, February 05, 2007

Love and Art from the heart!

Comes February I'm getting all in flower mood again! Luckily with my birthday at the end of January I've got lots of new flowers and lovely presents to lift my spirits! And even more to come next Saturday when I'm going to have a party with my best friends :D!

In the picture above are fabric roses which I've decorated in a butterfly paper bag:

This gorgeous flower bouquet was one of the birthday presents from my little sister:
All these lovely flowers in the next picture and the "Dejeuner" tray were birthday presents from my mum:

A close friend sewed and painted this delightful bird & nest cushion for me, it has a Helleborus rose painted on it as well. Thanks a lot dear G. I love it!

And I'm also in the mood for hearts in February and am currently making paper hearts almost every day. Here are a few of which I have finished last week:

And with all the "love and art from the heart" which is going on in blogland at the moment, initialised by the enjoyable Sandy of www.arttealife.blogspot.com , I'd like to join in and give away a paper heart.
So if you like to be my Valentine and get my heart then please leave a comment under this post and I'm going to draw the winner on Friday 9th of February!
If you want to see all the lovely bloggers that have joined in the "love of the heart" then please have a look at Miss ZuZu's magical blog "A view through the window" where she has kindly listed them all! xox

And oh wonder today blogger has finally decided to let me change to the new version :D!


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